[Archive] 500 point warband CD vs Empire


Greetings! This is my first Battle Report so i thought I’d do something small. So without further ado…

The armies:

Choas Dwarfs-

Morzag the Pitiless(Choas Dwarf Scorcerer)- 100(Scorc)

Level 2 Wizard

10x Chaos Dwarf Blunderbussiers- 110(BB)

12x Choas Dwarf Warriors- 108(CDW)

10x Hobgoblin Bowmed-50(HGB#1)

10x Hobgoblin Bowmen-50(HGB#2)

10x Hobgoblins-40(HGS#1)

Shields, Light Armour

10x Hobgoblins-40(HGS#2)

Shields, Light Armour

The Empire

Captain- 74(CAP)

Warrior Priest-160(WP)

5x Handgunners- 40 (HG#1)

5x Handgunners- 40(HG#2)

4x Handgunners- 32(HG#3)

5x Spearmen- 30(SM#1)


5x Spearmen- 30(SM#2)


5x Spearmen- 30(SM#3)


Great Cannon- 100(GC)

The terrain was placed the scattered. I didnt make a map to show you guys.


He got first deployment. He Deployed like so(left to right) SM#1, WP, SM#2, HG#1, HG#2 GC, SM#3, CAP, HG#3

I deployed like so(also left to right) BB, HGB#1, SCOR,(in a woods) HGS#1, CDW, HGB#2(note these guys were on a hill), HGS#2

For spells i got Wind of Death, and Doom and Darkness.

I get first turn!

Choas Dwarf Turn 1

Awww HGS#2 squabble. Everything marches straight forward ecpt HGB#2, they stay put, but HGS#1 stick with CDW. Doom and Darkness doestn’t go off. HGB#2 shoot at SM#2 and I didnt wound. I forgot about my second archers and BB were out of range.

The Empire Turn 1

SM#1 moves forward 4", SM#2 moves 4’ and SM#3 moves 8". HG#3 move forward 4"(I had no idea why he moved them, he said later it was to bait but it didnt work). His GC missed HGB#2 spectatcuraly. HG#2 fire at HGB#1 and hits 2 kills 2. Grrrr… first casualty of the game. HG#1 fires at HGS#1 and misses all his shots! No CC so onto…

Choas Dwarf Turn 2

No squabbles! Ya me! BB moves up 2" to blow away SM#1. HGB#1 stays and CDW and HGS#1 wheel to advance on the cannon. HGS#2 marches 8" Wind of Death got dispelled. But HGB#1 shoots and kills a SM#1! My BB failed to wound. HGB#2 shoots a devastating volley and kills a HG#2!

Empire Turn 2

SM#3 charges CDW. I hold, confident I can destroy the pathectic manthings in a single round of combat! SM#1 charge my BB but not before I Stand and Shoot and kill one! SM#2 move within 1" of HGB#1. CAP runs out from behind a rock and is 9" away from the CDW/SM combat. WP get Hammer of Sigamr prayer off. GC shoots at HGB#2 and kills a hobbo. HG#3 shoot at HGS#2 and kills one. HG#2 shoots at HGS#1 and kills three of my preciuos hobbos! HG#1 shoots but kills no one. WP with Dragon Bow unleashes his mighty 1 attack! and misses… GASP! His SM#3 managed somehow to kill a CDW! I rolled a 2 on his 3+ save . But I avenge him and kill a single SM! I win CC by 1 but stinkin’ general made them rally… His SM#1 kills a BB . Even though I didnt kill a single SM he lost(I had rank and out#) he fled 2" and i persued 10"!

Chaos Dwarf Turn 3

I get a failed charge on GC with HGS#1 and I charged HG#3 with HGS#2! They kill 2 hobbos with S+S. Wind of Death hits(FINALLY!) the WP with 11 S4 hits and I mangae to do!!! one wound… GRRRRFALBNABBITSONNUVAA… Oh excuse me I’m terribly sorry I just need to cry in the corner for a little bit, thats all. HGB#1 shoot at at 1" away SM#1 and I got one! I shoot at GC with HGB#2 but nuttin happens. CC sees another CDW dead and none of my attacks hit. I win the combat anyway and he flees 9" and I go 6".HGS#2 attack HG#3 and i kill one. He kills no one! They run 5" and i follow 3".

Empire Turn 3

SM#2 charge HGB#1 who S+S kills nobody. HG#2 charge HGS#!. SM#3 rally, much to my disapointment as do the HG’s GARRRRRRRR! I get an accidental charge on the CAP while I was pursuing with my CDW. And I get a charge on the HG#3 that just ralied :P. He fires the GC at the HGB#2 and totally misses(yes he isnt very good at range guessing even though HGB#2 never moves throught the entire battle!). HGB#1 kill a SM#2 so that makes a draw. His HG#2 kill 2 HGS#2 and I killed 2 of the cursed fools. I win by one(yes in case your wondering I am the best)! I overran him and get an accidental charge on the GC crew!HOO-RAH!!! My CDW break the CAP and the CDW accidental charge the SM#2 AGAIN! My HGS#2 kill 2 HG and the HG#3 flee 8" and I persue off the table edge.

Chaos Dwarf Turn 4

HGB#2 squabble. BB wheel to face the WP hiding behind a hill. HGS#2 come back from thier victorious pursuit. Every one else is bogged down in CC. SM#1 and HGB#1 do nothing resulting in another draw. GC crew attack HGS#1 I roll a 5 for AS and i retaliation for touching my slaves without permission I gloriously(as glorious as hobbos can be) slay 2 of the GC crew. They wisely flee from my wrath 8" while I am close behind them. Then for the ultimate awsomeness my CDW kill 3 out of the 4 SM#2. I pursue 8" and he goes 6". Oh CRAP! I forgot my magic phase!

Empire Turn 4

The lone crewman gathers his courage and rallies. But the CAP just fled off the feild!!! Heheheheh there goes his general!. The WP skirts around the hill and i dispell his healing prayer. The WP misses my BB with the Dragon bow. The fight between the HGB and the SM ends in another draw…

Chaos Dwarf Turn 5

I charge the lone crewman with HGS#1. My BB charge his WP and he S+S and slays a BB. I do some random movement with my CDW and my HGS#2. My HGB#2 squabble AGAIN!. He dispells Wind of Death the first time but the second time it goes off killing 3 out of the 5 HG#1s! My HGS#1 kill a SM#2 and they flee 4" and i pursue 4" HAHA DEATH TO THE MANTHINGS! My 6 HGS#1 kill the remaining GC crew. My BB attack his WP and do nada. His WP wounds one CDW(which i save :P). He loses the combat by one and passes.

Empire Turn 5

By now he has 2 HG and a 1 wound WP. The HG#1 run for the woods. His WP kills a BB. He forgot about his magic items and prayers(he does this quite a bit)

Chaos Dwarf Turn 6

I move nothing. 2 of my hobbo units squabble. Wind of Death goes of and I miscast! I roll a 10 on the Miscast table and he takes a wound and loses wind of death!:(. WP attacks and i lose a BB. I fail to wound the priest.

Empire Turn 6

I dispell his healing prayer. He kills a hobbo with his HG. The annoying WP kills a BB. I lose combat by one which i pass.

[align=center]END OF GAME:cheers

Morzag walked up the battlefield. The hobgoblins were squabbling over the loot as usual. A Warrior walks up to Morzag and bows.“My Lord,” he said" we lost  17 warriors today and all but three of the enemy were wiped out."

“How many of our dead were Hobgoblins?” the Sorcerer looked at the Warrior with so much contempt that he was sure he would kill him without hesitation if he had even the minuscule reason.

“T-t-twelve M’Lord” the Warrior barely managed to stutter out.

“Then you’re wrong. We only lost five.” Morzag turned and walked away and it was all the Warrior could do not to faint.

VP- I capture 3 table 1/4’s complete my hidden objective for a total of 580(he got 123 if anyone cares. Both of our hidden objectives was battlefield supremacy.

Massacre for the followers of Hashut!


Hey was I being to specific? If so tell me.