[Archive] 500 PT army list


Here is my 500 point army list:

1 sorcerer hero (LV 2, lore of shadow, Chalice of darkness) 150 pts

Shadow, since steed of shadows is VERY useful, and if you get pit of shades, your gonna have some fun.

Warriors X20, Gw’s, Champ= 270 pts

GW’s are helpful for overwhelming the enemy in low point matches.

10 hobbo’s, hand weapons (Bait) = 20pts

Boltthrowers X2=60 pts

lethal on a hill, and a must for piercing units.

500 points.

Most people dont use great weapons in matches like this, but i find them helpful.


I believe this list could do well but dont you still need core to be legal?

Aside from that, i like it.

Personally i would drop the chalice for a power stone and a dispel scroll, but thats just a matter of personal preferance.



Not Legal under Flash/Warbands rules - only allowed one warmachine.

Not legal under normal Warhammer rules - under 2K points you need two core choices.

Now you may say that the Hobgobs are core. They are but they DO NOT count to the Minimum core units needed. Only Chaos Dwarf Units (Warriors Hand Weapon/Shield, Warriors Great Weapon and Warriors with Bunderbuss) count to the minimum number of core units.

Which ruleset are you using, Normal Warhammer, Warhammer in a Flash or Warhammer Warbands? If we know that we may be able to help you make a legal list.

For games at 500 or under I then to use Warhammer in a Flash ruleset or Warbands after discussions with my opponent. I believe both of these Warhammer rulesets are on the Yahoo Group Ravening Hordes forum under files. You must join to get access if memory serves me correctly.


BilboBaggins is right drop out one bolt thrower and also drop the Chalice of darkness its good but not at this points level, here is how i would do the army list if it was me

1 sorcerer hero (LV 2, lore of fire) 100 pts

Warriors X15 with full command 165pts

Warriors X15 with full command 165pts

10 hobbo’s, hand weapons 20pts

10 hobbo’s, hand weapons 20pts

Bolt thrower 30pts

Lore of shadows is good but if you get pit of shades you will be throwing away most of your dice to even stand a chance at casting it, fire ball is a great spell what with only casting on a 5+ and doing d6 strength 4 hits it pack a punch as well.

Also great weapons are good but at 2 points each in this size game it�?Ts a bit of a points drain, hand weapon and shield will see through fine


Pretty solid list Loki has suggested - i would drop the bolt thrower and upgrade 1 unit of warriors to have blunderbusses (drop the champion and musician from the unit and you end up with 5 points spare - so take hobgoblin units in 11 rather than 10.

That will give you a lot more fire-power - the bolt thrower will hit at best on a 4+ (so half of the time and will kill at best 5 models from a fully ranked unit) it does have practically unlimited range though.

The blunderbusses will hit half of everything they shoot at so against that same 25 man unit if t3 with a 5+ save they will kill 10 models and against t4 with a 4+ save will kill 4 models plus you can stand and shoot and get a half decent combat unit. In a game this size they can be totally devastating and could easily with 1 volley of shooting panic most units that you will face