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I have a friendly tourny coming up next year and I have prepared the following 5000 point list (Legion of Azgorh). Any advice and comments appreciated, especially from more seasoned players:


x28 Infernal Guard, Great Weapons, Death Mask, Naptha Bombs, Musician, Standard Bearer, Razor Standard

x28 Infernal Guard, Fireglaives, Death Mask, Naptha Bombs, Musician, Standard Bearer

x50 Hobgoblin Cutthroats, Bows, Musician, Standard Bearer, Murder Boss, Standard Bearer


Sorcerer-prophet, Level 4, Naptha Bombs, Blood of Hashut, Talisman of Preservation, Enchanted Shield

Sorcerer-prophet, Level 4, Naptha Bombs, Blood of Hashut, Chanelling Staff


Daemonsmith, Charmed Shield, Dispel Scroll

Infernal Castallan, BSB, Mask of Furnace, Shield, Black Hammer of Hashut, Luckstone

Infernal Castallan, Shield, Tricksters Helm

Hobgoblin Khan, Shield, Spear, Light Armour, Giant Wolf

Hobgoblin Khan, Shield, Spear, Light Armour, Giant Wolf


Magma Cannon, Hellbound

Deathshrieker Rocket, Hellbound

x6 K’daai Fireborn, Manburner

Iron Daemon, Hellbound, Skullcracker

x3 Bull Centaur Renders, Ba’hal, Shields, Great Weapons, Musician, Standard Bearer, Banner of Swiftness


K’daai Destroyer

Dreadquake Mortar, Slave Ogre, Hellbound

Hell Cannon, Hellbound

K’daai Destroyer


Core; 1255

Lords; 735

Heroes; 639


Rare; 1190

Total: 4999

BTW one Castallan and one Sorc-Proph will go in each block of Infernal Guard. Not sure who the general is yet.


Grimbold Blackhammer:


I’m not sure you’ll find Great Weapons all that useful on the Infernal Guard. There are lots of high strength attacks in the army so I’m not sure you’ll need them and that’s a lot of points.

I never take Murder Bosses with my Hobbos! I expect that to be a waste of points.


Since you cannot duplicate spells, I’d change one of the Sorcerer-Prophets to the Lore of Death. Or better yet turn him into a Daemonsmith and another Infernal Castellan.


Your BSB can’t carry that much stuff!

I do not expect my hobgoblin heroes to survive. Ever. To me they are redirectors and nothing else so buying them equipment seems redundant. Especially the spear since mine don’t charge anything.


You’ve got a lot of Hellbound war machines. I doubt you’ll need more than one (unless you know you’re facing a Vampire Count). Turn those points into another Deathshrieker Rocket or some more centaurs.

I think you need more than three centaurs. And they should be in combat on turn 2 so I’m not sure about the shields.


You cannot make a Hellcannon hellbound.

Overall that’s a lot of models and when you’re playing at point totals that high, it is a totally different ball game. One in which I think Chaos Dwarves excel because of the inherent strengths of our army. Toe to toe, our units kick the panties off most other army’s units! I have noticed you are missing some obvious choices like not maxing our the number of K’daii Destroyers, only a single unit of hobbos (which is odd because they are SOOOOOOOO cheap!), and no Chalice of Blood and Darkness.

Your General is the Sorcerer-Prophet who is geared up for the best survivability!

What size playing surface are you playing on? You’re playing double the normal points, is the field twice as big as normal? Have the Winds of Magic changed? For such a large game, if it is still only 2D6 power dice, you only need a single lord-level wizard and a smattering of lesser Daemonsmiths for war-machine duty and their channeling ability.

Good luck and let us know how it turns out! With pictures!!

Grimbold Blackhammer


At this size of army I would:

- Try a big unit of IG with blunderbusses,

- Make the unit of Bull Centaurs at least 6 strong and

- Mount a Sorcerer Prophet on a Bale Taurus just because the model is amazing!


Grimbold -

Thanks for the advice.

Take your point on great weapons. Might remove to save points, same with murder boss. Might get another deamonsmith in as i dont like bunching all the machines in one area.

Hellbound is precisely because one player has a vamp army but equally he could bring wood elves or tomb kings.

Also im sure the errata states hellcannon can be hellbound but dont have this in front of me. If not thats more points i guess.

Def want at least 6 centaurs. Only have 3 models but can build proxies.

Only using 2 destroyers as thats all the models i have.


I hear you re bale taurus. Great model. But always performs poorly and costs a lot, plus makes the rider assassin fodder.

I originally had 25 blunderbuss but they are insanely expensive even at a 5k list. I would have to drop something…