[Archive] 5th 1k list, comparing the use of two units


I’ve a pair of lists for the threaded edition.

Both are lead by a massively powerful General on Daemon Steed, full Bill the Pony regalia, etc.

The compulsory dwarfs are 14 strong, taking a standard of shielding and joined by a level 1 wiz in Chaos Armor.

Both heroes have handguns and pistols…for reasons.

The lists then diverge, one build is 28 sneaky gits w/ Std and mus, 16 spear and shield goblins, fulfilled with a bolt thrower and a doom rocket.

The other winds it all out with 18 blunderbusses, 8 spear and shield goblins (ranks work four wide where it counts) and a mighty Earthshaker Cannon.

Which if either list sounds ideal at that value?