[Archive] [5th] Return to Herohammer (Revamp)


So since August 2015 I decided to take a break from the Hobby and have been having a great time playing and exploring other gaming systems such as Malifaux, Necromunda and Blood Bowl. While I love these games as do many of the players at my LGC we all seem to be missing large scale battles, now Warhammer 40K is not that appealing to me and although I have given Age of Sigmar a fair few attempts it is not the game that I am looking for currently although with the �?onew add ons/rule packs�?� I may be tempted to try again but currently I am looking into getting in some games of Hero Hammer (Warhammer 5th Edition to be precise).

I aim to document my progress in this thread as I collect, build and paint my 5th Edition force (my favourite gaming system for Warhammer), ultimately this is going to be expensive as I do want to slowly accumulate as much of the original miniature range from the early 90�?Ts as possible.

I also have a few outstanding miniatures that I need to complete the below army list which I will be searching for on EBay and trades/purchases with other members of this community. But for now the below is my list as it currently stands.

I now have a complete set of Warhammer Battle Magic (along with copies of the Chaos Dwarf Spells photocopied onto cardboard) as well as a couple of other items that I need to complete the below units (musician, standard bearers etc). However I am roughly 500 points short of my 3000 Point target (not accounting for Magic Items) which I think will be enough to include the Magic Items that I have listed in the list below, if more points are required I can reduce the unit sizes for some of the units (Double Handed Weapon Warriors or Blunderbuss unit down to 18) or drop the Chaos Dwarf Battle Standard Bearer to fit in the points to make the Characters super Killy (as is the style of the edition �?" it�?Ts not Hero Hammer for nothing)

Purchase List

�?� Sorcerer Lord on Lammasu

�?� Chaos Dwarf Battle Standard

�?� Chaos Dwarf Musician

�?� Chaos Dwarf Standard Bearer

�?� Chaos Dwarf Blunderbuss x2

�?� Chaos Dwarf Bull Centaur x2

Warhammer Battle Magic

The idea of this Army is not to build a super competitive list but rather have a large game of Warhammer from one of my favourite editions and have a lot of fun (and Beers) while playing, I also want to improve my brush skills, green stuff skills (repairs to make, banners and flags to make/repair)

Warhammer 5th Edition Army List �?" 2469**/3000 Points

Chaos Dwarf Lord �?" 385 pts**

Heavy Armour, Spellshield, The Obsidian Blade, Healing Potion, Great Taurus

Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer Lord �?" 528 pts**

Giant Blade, Book of Ashur, Rod of Power, Amulet of Fire, Lammasu

Chaos Dwarf Battle Standard �?" 98**

Heavy Armour, Magic Item**

8 Bull Centaurs �?" 328 pts

Light Armour, Shields, Double Handed Weapons

20 Chaos Dwarf Warriors �?" 280 pts

Blunderbuss, Heavy Armour, Musician, Standard

20 Chaos Dwarf Warriors �?" 280 pts

Double Handed Weapons, Heavy Armour, Musician, Standard

20 Chaos Dwarf Warriors �?" 280 pts

Double Handed Weapons, Heavy Armour, Musician, Standard

Death Rocket �?" 75 pts

Death Rocket �?" 75 pts

Earthshaker Cannon �?" 140 pts

Finally I have “decided” on a paint scheme for my force (after about 2 years) I have a long way to go with this and need some advise which I will ask after the photo

I need to break up the Bronze area’s, so I need idea’s for the Axe Shaft Colour as well as the Pauldron’s/Spaulder thing, I am also after idea’s for simple shields as I want to be able to field multiple units and differentiate with shield designs and colours.

Initially I am thinking of Kite shields and each unit having a separate heraldry such as the below (but with added Hashut related designs)

And now with Status shot of the force as it currently stands

In addition to this I also want to create a separate army using the FW themed Chaos Dwarfs which shall be set up in a separate thread


Welcome back! This should be fun… :slight_smile: