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Been working on a model or two, converting them from the old 6th edition dwarf warriors. these are the first i converted will post more in a couple of days. now bring on the critique (just avoid the face and stay above the belt:D).


[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



Looking good so far Patty, i like the big hats caint wait to see some more and these ones painted :slight_smile:


Cool stuff! I like it! When can we expect some more? :slight_smile:

Border Reiver:

Nicely done, the masks are well done, and the hats are better than my efforts with GS. These should look good when you’ve painted them. What colour scheme have you decided on?


Point of clarification, those are 6th edition plastics.

Lookin’ good though. The plasticard axe looks a bit large, is that just the picture?


Thanks for all the replies more are on the way soon, got the hats going fairly quick. might post some in a day or so. as for the painting having a bit of trouble deciding on colors thinking white with with silver but not completely sure yet.


PS as for the big axe i think that one is compensating for some thing:)

Kera foehunter:

i like you tall hats on your cd Patty i like the the ax and the beards you did a great job


I took a little longer and decided to paint some. you will note converting is my strong point. :slight_smile:



I think it’s a great idea to be using the 6th ed Dwarfs as they’re so cheap these days!

I like the models you’ve made so far, they do certainly look different to regular dwarfs. My only observation is that it might be quicker for you to find a piece of plastic tube/ rod you can stick on instead of sculpting it every time. It would be a lot quicker.


Or you could cast your own hats and use them over an over again.


good to see some of them painted, they have come out really well patty keep up the good work :hat off


They work really well together as a group. A whole unit of them would look terrific.

Kera foehunter:

they look great!! can’t wait to se more