[Archive] (7.15.2014) The Fireborned


Hi guys !

Totally new to CD,  i Just started my army by pimpin’ 25 longbeards to make them look more badass. I’ve first wanted to play classic dwarves but the lack of variety made me change my mind as soon as i red the tamurkhan book.

It’s a lot of fire and i hope to play it as infernal guard.

I Wonder how to paint the axes by the day.

I’ll be happy to hear some critics to improve as I’m just new to the hobby.

Here is the  first unit in progress :

Thanks for reading :wink: and please excuse my english (I’m french).

Edit : trouble with the pics size, im on mobile and cant resize it.


Wow! I love the idea and the execution so far!

I think I’d try to make the axe blades completely black with red highlights, so you have a little contrast with the armor.

I’m curious to see how you’ll be tackling the other CD units :slight_smile:

Ben Saunders:

You’re new to the hobby and you produced this? Amazing.

I look forward to seeing them finished.


Yes. very nicely done. a lovely take on armour and axes


This post worked better on my phone than on the computer. That is some large photos!

Welcome to CDO, what a bautiful first entry! I really like what you’ve done with the miniatures. They look evil, great stuff.

Could have used marauder shields and marauder shoulder pads for a conversion. But they really work well just through the paintjob.

Great armor paint job, make sure to keep the axes dark, works good with the flames.

Here’s m only constructive criticism. You’re dwarfs are suffering from “RFFS” - reverse fantasy flames syndrome. You see flames are brightest at the core, the place of ignition, and gets darker.

I did the same thing with my first daemonsmith and then I read (looked at the pictures) in this article: How to paint flames

Done it right after that, and I really like the results. Your flames are still beautiful and it is a fantasy world.

Ben Saunders:

I assume that these are magical flames that do get hotter - it wouldn’t be practical if their armour/weapons were actually on fire!

I do notice one other thing though. The guy to the standard bearer’s left, with the bare champion head, has a notch in his beard. I think that’s where the model is supposed to be holding his helmet but, since you’ve given him a different arm, it’s still visible. I’d suggest fixing that, before painting further.


Hi and thanks everybody for your comments.

@Helblindi/@Herby : yes i am doubting again for the axes. Red highlights Will add some homogeneity while metal or grey NMM will bring some contrast.

@Bloodbeard : yeah you are totally right about the flame, what a shame. It’s the second unit i paint so im not yet aware of this tips. My bad ahah i was too focus on these NMM tutorial that i did not even thought about flames. It’s a good eye you gave me here, thanks sir.

@Ben Saunders : I see what you mean about the armor and weapons thing. But i like when things are a bit exagerate, and i was à way to got à nice mass rendering as my noob paint skill are not enough to take a single dwarf and say “woah good job”. For the beard you are right that is why i did not painted him yet.

I am trying to make a Homemade dreadquake mortar, just because i dont like proxy and before i buy the FW model.