[Archive] 750 p army


my list:

Cd hero, GW 1+ armour 94 p


19 warriors ,stand, champ war banner

11 BBs

22 hobgoblins fullcommand, full armour 110 p

2x 10 hobgoblins, sheilds 2x30p


death rocket


earth shacker

750 p

To cheesy with 2 stone throwers?


most poeple on the forum say you need at least a unit of 15 BB, don’t know if it is true (havn’t played CD yet)


15 is best because you want 3 ranks, to give you strength 5 attacks.

i think you might get some complaints of both lots of artillery in 750pts, but what is more bothering is you only have 1 good combat unit at the artillery’s expense.


yes i know 15 is best but i tend to make them 15 and get a mage in 1000 so this is a list to build from, but dont u think 2 20 blocks will do it with heavey shooting i will always meat units that have lost like 2 ranks?