[Archive] 800pts. Escalation League (Need Help Decidng)


Hello everyone! After a long hiatus from Fantasy there is an Escalation League starting up at my store and it has inspired me to return to Chaos Dwarves! we are going to be slow building our armies as we want to play with them painted so it will give me time to save up enough to afford the army. This is what I am planning on buying first so please any and all insight is encouraged and needed, thanks for replying! :hat off


-Demonsmith Level 2

*w/ Lore of Hashut, Dispel Scroll (or) Ruby Ring of Ruin


-x20 Infernal Guard

*w/ Standard, Musician, Hailshot Blunderbuss


-Deathshrieker Death Rocket

-x3 Bull Centaurs

*w/ Shields, Great Weapons


-x3 K’daai Fireborn

TOTAL ARMY: 800pts.


3 fireborn simply doesn’t have enough wounds. As you can loose 3 wounds from a failed toughness test.

You can’t take lore of hashut in darmonsmiths only prophets. I would go with lore of fire, because of the range from the fireball. And you being outnumbered against everybody, want to hold back. Let the death shrieker / daemonsmith re-roll do the job.

If he is to hide with the blunderbuss make sure he’s within 3’’ of the deathsthrieker. Give him Iron Curse Icon for a 6++ vs war machines on the unit. 5 points, good investment.

You need gleaming pennant on one of your units. No BSB, the LD-reroll will be needed. 5 points, it’s a must. Put lichbone pennant on the other unit, for a 6++ vs magic. Also cheap.

At least put two more IG in the unit. You need 20 shooters for the hail shot bonus, and a couple of deaths from magic/shooting is expected.

With 800 point I would go for the “shoot them down, let them come to me” approach. And as such the BCs, might be too expensive. Bringing more wounds and attacks if the points are used on some more IG.

Escalation campaigns are absolutely fantastic! We are running one right now, that ongoing story that develops is great.


I’d cut out the blunderbusses altogether at this points level. Really need around 30 or so (I prefer 32 with bsb castellan) to soak up inevitable wounds while allowing maximum firepower. Fireglaives might not be too bad at this level, and will give you the extra points to get the better upgrades/banners. Fireglaives also make acceptable blunderbuss proxies in FW only armies. Fireborn need at least four to be mildly survivable, they should sit out at this points level. Tooling up the daemonsmith with better gear (enchanted shield) or making the Infernal Guard more close combat effective might be a better alternative to fireborn at this level, and maybe filling up the rest of points with hobgoblins, or a khan.


Thanks for the feedback guys! I have thought about it and changed up a few more things with my list, let me know what you guys think!



*w/ Level 2, Lore of Fire, Dispel Scroll/Ruby Ring, Enchanted Shield, Iron Curse Icon


-x20 Infernal Guard

*w/ HW and Shield, Standard and Musician

-x10 Infernal Guard

*w/ Fireglaives, Standard and Musician


-Magma Cannon

*w/ Hellbound