[Archive] 800pts. Escalation League UPDATE!


Hello everyone! It seems forever since I last posted an army list for Fantasy and will admit part of me is quite excited to do so! My FLGS just announced an Escalation League for the upcoming new year and I have decided to build an army of Chaos Dwarves for a few reasons, mainly because I would be the ONLY known Chaos Dwarf player in the area and the fact I could make use of the awesome Forgeworld models. Also if anyone were to object to me using them in a game I could easily run them as Dwarves, allowing me to double dip in a sense with one army. The Escalation League (as of no as it has been updated) is that we will start at 800pts. with some house rules for the escalation:

Escalation Rules:

-50% must be core

-Up to 25% Heroes (you must take one hero to be your army�?Ts general)

-Up to 25% Special

-Up to 25% Rare

-No more than 25% of your force can consist of missile troops.

-Wizards roll their spells as normal but treat the rolls as a D3 rather than a d6 (giving you a roll of 1-3).

So with these rules in mind I have decided to go with the following list, please tell me what you think and thanks for posting! :hat off


-Daemonsmith Sorcerer

*w/ Lore of Fire or Lore of Hashut


-x19 Infernal Guard (Daemonsmith Here)

*w/ Musician, Standard Bearer

-x10 Infernal Guard

*w/ Fire Glaives, Musician


-x4 K’daai Fireborn