[Archive] 8E Army book covers


With WoC coming out, I’m just curious as to what people think of the army book covers.

In my own personal opinion, the WoC army book is easily the best looking cover. Granted, that’s my own tastes, but I really like it.

I’m just wondering what people think of the new covers, their style, which ones are good and which ones they detest.

My least favorite is VC. I love VC and played them for years, but the cover is just… ugly in my opinion. I loved the 6E VC book the most (certainly artistically) of the three VC books I’ve used.

Poll will last 200 days.


I voted for the Empire; because i realy like paul bonner’s art, and the empire captain with its red nose (probably alcohol) and fashionable outfit, but still willing to fight, embodies very well the world of men in Warhammer, in my opinion.

I do agree with you about VC, and would add the ogre book looks terrible too (in the bad way…).

The O&G is nice, pretty classic but i do like to see a big orc chieftain instead of a black orc: horns, fur and red clothes on orcs are always cool…

The WoC cover is very well drawn, but i just don’t like it. Maybe because it is once again a khorne warrior…


Tomb King !
Well, Orcs and Goblin looks ok for me but not as good as it would makes me remember of it all my life long.
Ogre Kingdoms are cool also but exactly the same feeling as O&G.
Vampire Counts is maybe the worse one, ugly that all, nothing to see with 6th edition one !
The Empire looks funny with that guy which seems to have drink too much ah ah
Warrior of Chaos is also very cool, too bad we don’t see something else than Khorne warriors.

And Tomb King is simply the best looking one with that warrior screaming with such a gesture !
But in the end everything is a matter of taste :wink:

Thommy H:

I’m happy as long as the format is consistent, which it has been so far: one central figure that typifies the army. I was always annoyed by how GW would seem to settle on a format for their supplements in the past, then up and change everything a couple of releases later. Now with the hardback, full-colour Armies books and Codecies, they seem to have at last decided on one design ethic.


@Thommy H: I think you hit it on the head, if they stay consistent with this style it will be nice overall. Looking back, they did change mid-edition.

@Alakihel: The 6E VC book was amazing, especially in its time. Even before I played warhammer I liked it the most of the three books I had (VC, Empire, O&G 6E books). It’s honestly part of what made me go with VC as my primary army for so long (that and I was inspired by the undead Empire in the book too). Those 6E books had a fun ‘feel’ to them.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

I just like the new GW stuff in general. Easier to play, better look and the codexes/army books makes it easier to look things up than the books from the past where they had some of the descriptions on one page and the others somewhere else in the book. The new books have them all together.

Can’t wait! the new books I ordered (For the store) should be here later today! I got the Chaos Space Marine codex and the WoC one! Fun times!


@Swissdictator : I know what you mean I feel the same as VC was also my first army ! :wink:

I planned to continue them but unfortunatly my account decided to buy a lot of Chaos Dwarf to do :o


WoC is the first cover that I really like.

In my opinion, the VC cover is the worse, followed by Empire. The others are just OK.

Kera foehunter:

ogre kingdom there big there bad get over it.

this is my only 8th addition book… The rest of those army are mere scrap launcher fodder .


The big Dub Cee, i feel that all the other covers were downgrades from previous editions.