[Archive] 8th 1750 pts casual tournament list


Hi guys,

In a few weeks, I’m battling in a casual mini-tournament. I assume I’m meeting Daemons of Chaos, Undead and Empire. We’re not using end-times rules, but we’re allowing for an Undead alliance.

This is my list for now. Main reasons I took this list is because I have hopes I can realistically have this painted up in time. Although it might be a bit much. And also because I want to take some cool stuff.


Sorcerer Prophet - Lvl 4, Lore of Hashut, Mask of the Furnace - 365

BSB - Shield - 132


20 IG -FC - 272

10 Fireglaives - std & mus - 190


3 K’Daai Fireborn - Manburner - 175


Hellbound Iron Daemon - 310


Hell Cannon

1749 pts

I guess I’m missing redirectors. If I scrap Lvl 4, Hellbound, IG champ and/or Manburner, I have enough points for a Khan on Wolf, but I’m not sure how important Hellbound may be. And I wanted lvl 4 for dispelling stuff…

What do you guys think?


Hellcannon and ID are nasty.

I would skip the Fireborn that gives you some Points for a Khan on wolf, a small unit wolfriders to threaten war machines and for some magic items: a dispel scroll on lvl 4 (Lvl 4 is important because not all spells are equally valuable) and perhaps protecting the BSB a Little bit (enchanted shield, luckstone at least).

Good luck!


Thanks, THM! I might do that. I was excited about using my newly built Fireborn, but painting up a khan and 5 wolf riders will be fun too, and possibly more effective on the battlefield, although my wolfs almost always seem to die (then again, that might be because they aren’t painted yet :wink: ).

Would Lore of Hashut still be useful if I scrap the K’Daai? I mainly took it to enhance the flaming attacks from the K’Daai…