[Archive] 8th ed rule book for BFSP?

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Since I am a hobby Store registered with GW, they sent me the Blood Island set as a demo for new players.

However, I haven’t had time to build the models yet and I was wondering what you guys think of me demoing the BFSP set but replace the 7th ed rule book with the 8th ed one as a temporary “Fill In” until I get the models built. (Or build them with the customers)

Has anyone tried this?

Also, the new suppliment book included with Blood Island desn’t include the little “Noob” scenario book like what BFSP had. You know, the book that describes movement, shooting, etc. The new suppliment book is more or less all about begining the game and setting up the figures. It referrs all the rest to an examination of the included rule book. I find the new suppliment book to be not as good as the BFSP book. Your thoughts?

Da Crusha:

I havent taken a look at the new small rulebook but using the old models would work out as long as you know their stat line. though potential new buyers are not going to see the new and much better looking models.


Think, to be able to answer your question we need to know - reasoning for doing the demo’s.

Is it to show the warhammer game and/or the mechanics of 8th edition - then use any 2 armies. Maybe use 2 of the ‘easy to learn’ ones - like human, elves, dwarfs, Orcs - and a prober Rulebook.

Is it because you wanna get someone started with the game and want to sell them a Island of Blood box set - well you better get start painting, I guess. Can’t see doing a presentation for a game without using the actual game you want to sell them.

And if you are not going to use those Skavens, drop me a PM :wink:

Tarrakk Blackhand:

@ Clam - It’s probably in my best intrest to use the Blood Island set for demo’s. I own Monster Hobbies, as you know.

But temporarily, I was thinking of using the BFSP models until I get the BI figures done.

I guess there’s noting to it but to do it.