[Archive] 8th ed Starter, possible CD uses?


Rumoured skaven contents, from warseer:



40 Clanrats

20 Slaves

Poisoned Wind Mortar

Warpfire Thrower

2 Rat Ogres with Packmaster

5 Poisoned Wind Globadiers

It seems to me that if you had a bucket load of night goblin head, you could do what Che and tjub (amongst others) have done and convert the skaven into hobgoblins.

Depending on how practical this is, you’d have 60 hobgoblins out of the set, enough for a horde and a smaller unit.

The Rat Ogres could probably be made into something from the Indy list, and the packmasters would make good hobgoblin slavers.

I can’t think of a decent use for the other skaven parts, other than just for fun conversions or warmachine crew maybe.

The Griffon could be made into a lammasu possibly?


I was thinking about using the clan rats and slaves as slaves or hobgoblins. The weapon teams if good could make some fun warmachine conversions. But I would probably only get it if I was splitting it with some one.


Personally, I love the idea of converted high elves for rabble.


enslaved beaten-up high elves slaves as rabble… i really like the sound of that:)

depending on how large the Wind Mortar is, it could be used as one of the many war machines in the book.

and thinking of starter sets… all is plastic, so if you use skaven bits for hobbo’s, you might use the warlord/warlock as a hobbo hero/champion.

some people use horses as bullcentaur lowersides, so that could work with some dwarven bitz.

elven boltthrowers (if they are in the set offcourse)… well, if you use elven slaves, why not steal their boltthrowers and “impruve” them goblin style. same goes for the elven bows, give some hobbo conversions elven bows.

i’m starting to regret is use flagalants as a base for my hobbo’s instead of skaven.:wink:

Hashut’s Blessing:

Why not have the high elves be a little converted (to be Druchii) and be friendly slave-traders caught up in the conflict mid-trade (maybe trading the Skaven? :smiley: )?

In fact, the Skaven could be doing the exact same thing :smiley:


Chieftain - c/a hobgoblin hero

Clanrats - c/a Hobgoblins/slaves

Poisoned wind mortar - c/a deathrocket/earthshaker

Griffon plus giant head and gs beard = Lammasu

Griffon plus minotour head and hooved legs = Taurus

Ellyrian horses plus black orc torsos = bull centaurs