[Archive] 8th edtion orientated Warriors of Chaos


This is designed with 8th edition in mind.

I assumed the following rumors to be true.

Percentages return. 25% max characters (lord restrictions sames as now), 25%+ core, up to 25% special, up to 25% rare.

Armor is harder to modify: S5 is needed to modify saves now.

I assume the “step up rule” is accurate…

Magic is a lot less reliable: Harsher miscasts, and failing to cast stops casting from said wizard.

Movement a bit freer (able to move at an oblique/prolong, but keeping the same facing)

Tournaments are moving more towards 3,000 points. Underlined for emphasis.

Units that don’t move can shoot in two ranks.

Only one save. Though Regen is like Feel No Pain in 40k, and is taken in addition to any saves.

CDO still hasn’t prevailed in getting Chaos Dwarfs out by the time I can buy, construct, and paint this list (the real limit being my ability to purchase):

My final assumption is my wonderful girlfriend and I won’t be planning anything by the time I can make this army :stuck_out_tongue:

Purpose of this list
To build a Nurgle Marauder Horde. I love Nurgle, and what I like about Chaos is hordes of marauders. If I play them, I want to play a very fluffy/thematic list. However, with 8th edition I feel it might actually have a chance to compete!

So it’s a very strong Nurgle theme. It’s designed to be fun, but competitive.

So here goes.

Nurgle Daemon Prince (General)
Level 3
   Stream of Corruption (Freaking hilarious and useful too)
   Mantle of Chaos (to help him withstand lots and lots of shooting, especially from pesky Dark Elf repeater crossbows!)

Exalted Hero of Nurgle
   BSB, Chaos Steed
   Armour of Damnation
   Acid Ichor

30 Chaos Marauders of Nurgle
   FC, Light Armor, Shields

30 Chaos Marauders of Nurgle
   FC, Light Armor, Shields

30 Chaos Marauders of Nurgle
   FC, Light Armor, Shields

5 Chaos Warhounds
   Poisoned attacks

5 Chaos Warhounds
   Poisoned attacks

5 Chaos Warhounds
   Poisoned attacks

23 Chaos Warriors of Nurgle (BSB goes here)
   FC, Festuring Shroud

5 Chaos Spawn of Nurgle

6 Trolls

6 Chaos Ogres of Nurgle

A couple notes
I know, I got a random extra warrior on the Chaos Warriors. So he might be dropped to fiddle with some points. With him, plus the 11 points left over, I could give a champion to the Ogres perhaps (or two musicians if I swap the trolls for a unit of Ogres)

Thematically I like the Trolls more, and still think them effective. So I took one Ogre unit and one Troll unit. The trolls will be near the general early on, so stupidity will be a nuisance, but not as bad otherwise. Though I am leaning towards swapping them for Nurgle Ogres… as the Ogres REALLY benefit from the Mark of Nurgle (as WS4 which is common, will now hit them on 4’s). Plus it’d be cheaper for me! As much as I love the new Trolls (especially for Nurgle).

Spawn: Well I might throw a couple at the enemy and keep a couple on the flanks.

Please, if you respond… respond with the assumptions I made about 8th edition in mind

What I want to know:
   Would this be a fun list to fight?
   With the assumptions, would this list be competitive?
   Does it really seem like a good theme to you?


Some things worth saying here, firstly, I don’t know for a fact that the minimum core units limit is staying… (it may only be points based). (edit.  Forgot you had Chaos warriors there as well. ;))

So you might want to consider making one of those units of marauders 50, the other 30 to benefit from the horde rule.  The extra points should go into getting more chaos warriors, the more the better… ;)  

Secondly, you will have to take my word on this, but I think additional hand weapons will become the build of choice for chaos warriors.  Massive units of marauders or chaos warriors with MoK and additional weapons are going to kick ass in 8th.

Thirdly, I would drop a spawn or two for a chariot.

Fourthly, from my understanding of things nurgle, not everything in the list needs to be marked.  

Fifthly, no marauder horsemen with flails!?!?!

Lastly, there is a growing number of people saying <50% special and <15% rare.

Are you planning on building this soon?  There was rumoured to be a WoC wave at some point this year, not to mention the FW ‘chaos’ thing.


If I do make this, I’d be making the marauders first converted from zombies (basically using GS to cover exposed bones/organs)… converting up some sort of bugs for wolves… and Nurgle-ifying some Ogres that I already have… so even if I did start working on it, it’d be on stuff I either already own, or will be taking regardless.

Time of Madness:

For a list like this you may want to invest in the banner of the gods. Having 3 stubborn blocks of marauders and a unit of chaos warriors will be difficult to shift. Especially considering not much is going to touch your bsb other then another character.

Time of Madness


I found running 80 marauders in 2 units of 40 was not a bad plan at all. Plague did take a toll on them but such is life. I had no warrs in my army and that hurt some.

I ran daemon prince Tzeentch lvl 1 with 100 points in gifts. I also ran a lvl 2 nurgle sorcerer and a BSB kitted for fighting. with 5 mounted marauders and 6 war hounds. As well a a Slaanesh Giant and a war shrine.

Prince saved the day rolling up flanks and actually made the leader run off the board with his bsb. Failed 4 LD checks and then got charged and had to flee again. 3 12’s and an 11. OUCH. I won by like 200 points but he had better field control. We were only playing 2000 points so still room to add a ton.