[Archive] [8th] Warhammer Base Sizes for the Legion of Azgorh


Fellow Sorcerer-Prophets of Zharr-Naggrund,

Recently obtained models from Forgeworld come on round bases (grrrrr :mad) and some by 3rd parties don’t come on any at all. So the question remains, how to properly base the army for Warhammer Fantasy.

I’m sure you’re all familiar with the base size chart by El Rey. However, I have some minor problems with it. Base sizes usually follow some guidelines, and with some I think it is clear which size is correct.

Infantry (small): 20x20 mm

  • Sorcerer-Prophet

  • Daemonsmith

  • Castellan

  • Hobgoblin Khan

  • Infernal Guard

  • Hobgoblin Cutthroats

Cavalry: 25x50 mm

  • Hobgoblin Wolf Raiders

Monstrous Infantry: 40x40 mm

    Monstrous Cavalry: 50x75 mm

    • Bull Centaur Taur’Ruk

    I think these are pretty much rock solid. Then we have some where we either have the exact models in other armies or FW provided the base size.

    Monster (big): 50x75 mm

    • e.g. Giant

    Monster (gigantic): 100x150 mm

    • e.g. Arachnarok Spider

    • K’Daai Destroyer

    But it leaves the Monsters and War Machines. The traditional monster base is 50x50 mm and e.g. is used by the High Elves Griffon and is proposed both for Great Taurus and Lammasu. However, the Bale Taurus according to this chart would have 60x100 mm, which imho makes zero sense compared to the Great Taurus. Also the Empire Griffon uses 50x100 mm (compared to the smaller High Elves one), so do Manticores, which are proposed to be quite similar to a Lammasu. I would therefore propose a unified category for the mounts:

    Monster (large): 50x100 mm

    • e.g. Imperial Griffon, Manticore

    • Drazoath on Cinderbreath

    • Bale Taurus

    • Great Taurus

    That leaves all the war machines. The Hellcannon is also part of the Warriors of Chaos list and there also depicted with the 100x150 mm base. Since it is also a monster, I think that is fine. That leave the others. The traditional war machine base is also the 50x50 mm base, and I think this should apply to all “unmounted” war machines

    War Machine: 50x50 mm

    • Deathshrieker

    • Magma Cannon

    As for the mounted ones on steam carriage, I think the large base is adequate

    Chariot: 50x100 mm

    • e.g. Empire Steam Tank

    • Deathshrieker on Steam Carriage

    • Magma Cannon on Steam Carriage

    So the Dreadquake looks really large (haven’t built it yet) and is depicted with a whooping 200x60 mm on steam carriage (100x60 regular)! Can anyone comment on that? Is it really that large? And by the way, do you guys consider it’s “front” on the long side or the short side?

    That leaves the Iron Daemon. The chart has it at 60x100 mm, which is the size of the Bretonnian Trebuchet, the Cauldron of Blood or the Screaming Bell. It indeed looks a little wide for a chariot, I guess it is OK? But again the chart has the skullcracker on another base (80x100) which imho makes little sense, I would argue it is merely an upgrade on the same frame.

    Chariot (wide): 60x100 mm

    • e.g. Screaming Bell

    • Iron Daemon

    How do you guys approach base sizes for WHFB?


    8th edition didn’t really have bases for war machines, so as long as it fits the model and isn’t absurdly wrong you should be okay.


    8th edition didn't really have bases for war machines, so as long as it fits the model and isn't absurdly wrong you should be okay.

    True. Thanks mate.