[Archive] [8th] What is the the best or "good" low point WFB army?


So I am new to chaos-dwarf and we in my playgroup still only play Warhammer fantasy 8 ed.

At the moment we do a lot of 1600p and sometimes 2000p when we got more time. We run 25% restrictions on lords/heroes.

I usually like to start with a good netlist when learning a new army and then elaborate from there.

Should I caste or is it possible to run an aggressive list as most people do like to brawl :slight_smile:

I find it pretty hards to build as low point as it more or less removes the prophet from being played and castellan and sorcerer more or less sums up all points in heroes spot.

I have only played against Ogres so far and lost. But will face Dwarfs, Skaven, OnG, Lizards, Empire, WoC, DE and WE sooner or later as those armies are in the playgroup.


I’m infamously poor at rules and wargaming, but here is one trick that is lovely against Ogres in 8th but doesn’t work so well in 9th Age: Cast Ashstorm on your Ogre foe’s tyrant bunker, and hope to get into a challenge with his Tyrant with your Sorcerer-Prophet. Strike one single unsaved wound against the Tyrant with Black Hammer of Hashut, and the Ogre goes pop!

That lucky event at a tournament actually inspired this porridge song which kicked off the whole Chaos Dwarf culture project for my part (in conjunction with e.g. MadHatter’s Khaozalid lexicon): See signature for compilation threads on reads by various members, some even illustrated by our site’s artists.