[Archive] 9 Plastic Chaos Dwarf Warriors for sale


I have these 9 Plastic Dwarf warriors for sale if anyone is interested.

I would like £2 per model, which i know is abit expensive but that’s what i would like to get.

Free shipping if your in the UK


Forgot to add, will trade these for High Elf stuff too., price is negotiable!


Put one on reserve for me- I might get one!


I’m willing to buy two…


Selling 1 or 2 minies to america won’t really be worth it sadly due to the cost of postage.

If you have any Beasts chariots, New spawn box set or High Elf stuff though maybe we can arrange something.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Would postage be that expensive if you were to put a guy in a bubble pack envelope? I’m sure it would fit in the catagory of either Envelope or Small Packet.

I would be interested in one of these guys too, if you decide to change your mind. I’m in Canada, by the way.


I did have 2 buyers, but both have vanished so these are back available again.

Looking for chaos spawns if anyone has any.


If they are still available, I would take them all, for the above price (18£ +2£ postage). I will PM you my email.


We had a deal, then he offered and sold it to others. Don’t trust him, if he ever offers stuff on this forum again.


They are now sold, a misunderstanding on dates, apologies but i had several buyers ask about them and just dissapear which i thought you had done too.

Never mind, sorry to upset you but the mini’s are now gone.