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Introduction �?��?�.  

Our club has its games nights in a church hall on every 2nd and 4th Friday night each month and also every 3rd Saturday there is a “kids” afternoon.   This means that every so often we get a Friday and Saturday that are consecutive / together and we try to organise a large game for when that happens.  Last year was Armageddon and this year in February we had the first leg of a Siege game.  The “Good” guys defended a castle and a wooden stockade type fort with two Dwarf armies, some Brettonians and smaller armies of Lizardmen and High Elves to a Total of approx. 4500 points.  Though just to confuse things some of the surviving Lizardmen and High Elves (with their players) vanished at the end of the Friday night to be replaced by more Brettonians,more Dwarfs and some lizardmen the next day.   We were the Attacking side with about 9000 points between my Chaos Dwarfs, an Ogre Kingdoms and a Beastman / WoC army.   Basically attackers were double the points of the defenders.  

For rules we used a mix of the original Siege rules as no one had the “Blood in Badlands” book and 7th/8th Ed’ main rules.

We played on a 12’ by 4’ table and during the battle I wrote down what I could but with so much happening on different parts of the table it was really very hard.   So over the past several weeks I’ve been trying to piece together a semblance of a battle report for you all.  The attachment is a summary of what I wrote down and there is no way it covers everything because I’m damn sure I missed loads of details.  And trying to compare what I know was

KIA’d with what is remaining or missing from the dozens of pictures I/We took has proved impossible.

Hopefully later this year we will get to do the defending and I’ll get a better report done for it.


The Report

Well we basically faced an entrenched dwarf gun-line with accompanying Brettonian, Lizardmen and Elf Missile troops. They had some heavy magic users and two units of Brettonian Knights. For our side the Beastman Player had the usual beasts, minotaur’s and stuff and some allied Warriors of Chaos (Tzeench). The ogre player had a couple of small ogre units and a Horde of Ogres and I believe that most of the front rank was characters. For my CD’s I had two 30 man units of Hobgoblin Archers, a 30 man block of CD warriors, a 6 strong BC unit, two deathrockets, a hellcannon, a magma cannon, a siege giant, three fireborn and a destroyer. As well as two daemonsmiths and a BSB.

The plan was, the Beast-men, the Warriors of Chaos and the Giant, Destroyer and Hell-Cannon to do damage on the left flank . The Minotaurs with the siege tower and others were to assault the stockade from the middle and for my three main units to hold the far right flank whilst the Ogres assaulted the castle. My war-machines of course were just to do as much damage wherever they could. Deployment wise it looked OK. The only thing I stuffed up was not putting the BC’s out wide on the right instead of in the only space available at the back in the middle. Some Bray shaman that turns models into spawn or something needed a largish clear area around it and it sat right where I originally wanted the BC’s to go. So they became pretty ineffectual for the starting turns. The ogre player didn’t want any battering rams and stuff as he’d weaponed up some characters with breaking things in mind. The only siege gear I took was the mantlets for the Hobgoblin archers which worked very well. I do know that the “good guys” did take some boiling oil and other options stuff like that.



Now,   For the Bun-Fight to begin    . . .

Turn 1: The “Good Guys” had the first turn.  I cannot remember if the pesky Brettonians prayed, I don’t think they did as they had the first move but nothing much appeared to change, I believe they just wanted to shoot first.  

Only a quick word on the magic phase(s).  There are some casualties which are listed in the summary. But mostly all the magic phases got nullified, dispelled and or missed hitting anything pretty much for the whole game.  The only exciting thing was watching the purple sun vortex hover around and see how it managed to not kill anybody.   I let the other two have all the magic early on, mainly to get the purple sun thing happening and later on I didn’t have any real choices.

For our first turn move there was a lot of stuff that moved up all over the place but the beastmen player held heaps back, lines of march were blocked and it was a bit chaotic.   All I did on the right flank was move the Hobgoblins forward behind their mantlets to annoy the dwarfs at that end.

Most of our shooting in turn 2 did much the same as theirs. It killed a few models but no units were destroyed or forced to flee.   There was one exception though and it was a real high-light in the game.

A very Special “Mention in Despatches” goes to the “HellCannon” which in its first attempt at shooting Misfired with a mighty “FZZZZZZed”

It caused.

The Deaths of the Brettonian Damsel,  a L2 Elf Wizard,  10 Brettonian bowmen,   5  High Elves, 2 Ogres:   and inflicted  1 Wound on an Ogre Wizard, 2 on the L4 Elf Wizard, 1 wound on Daemonsmith#1 and   Daemonsmith#2  lost all of his spells

After this my notes make some sense to me but trying to make a decent battle report is beyond me I think.

A synopsis on missile shooting is that it nibbled away at units from both sides but nothing that disrupted any-ones plans.  Their cannons etc, despite one destroying itself in a misfire, did hurt my Siege Giant and the Destroyer severely. But my mis-management hurt them more.   My long range attack suffered with the Dread-quake and one Death Rocket mis-firing and being destroyed.  Here is where I forgot the Daemonsmiths re-rolls.  Overall the big guns didn’t seem to dominate much at all.

Having the mantlets on the two Hobgoblin Archers units allowed them edge forward and trade blows with the opposing Thunderers and X-Bows all game.   The Hobgob’s actually killed more of them than died in return.

The Brettonian Knights both charged across in turn 2 and did a reasonable amount of damage, battering their way right into our deployment zone with both units.

Over the next 3 turns the Ogre Horde crunched its way across the paddock and eventually smashed its way into the castle and began decimating the units inside.  Whilst the Horde of Ironbreakers with its beefed up Dwarf Lord did much the same thing on the other end of the table.  Didn’t matter what hit them, as they had a banner or something that made them unbreakable, and they just gradually rolled everything up and away.

The Brettonian Lord on the Hippogryph effectively stopped the siege tower and its accompanying troops advancing through the centre after waiting for them to get closer.

A Beastman Lord of some sort did make it to the stockades walls but I’m damn sure it didn’t breach them or scale them and get inside.

My Tauruk and some Dragon Ogres eventually got rid of the second Brett Knights unit but it took all of the last 4 rounds of close combat to do it.  And the Minotaurs must have seen off the other Knights unit at some time as it isn’t there in the final pictures at the end of the game.

The Games Masters for this Battle declared it a Draw.  A very generous call on his part.   We had breached the Castle but hadn’t even dented the stockade at all.  and did not hold all of the ground outside the forts.

Seige Game 2014-02-14 Summary


T1 Good = No moves Evil = Stuff moved up all over the place, lines of march were blocked and it was a bit chaotic

T2 Good Charges = Brett Knights #1 the Wargore and Brett Knight’s #2 the 4 Ogre Leadbelchers

Ironbreakers (40) the WoC #1 & Men at Arms the Iron daemon

T2 Evil Charges = 2 x Khans on the one cannon, Destroyer the XBows, Hellcannon the Ironbreakers, Doombull the XBows, Tauruk the Brett Knights #2, Ogre Horde the Flyers and some other unit at castle gates. Shaggoth the Brett Archers & Minotaurs charged Brett Knights #1, 1 x K’Daii burned out

T3 Good Hippogryph charged the Shaggoth. Cold ones the Stonehorn.

T3 Evil Dragon Ogres rear charged Brett knights #2

T4 Good The old blood Saurus hero? ( last cold one) flees off table

T4 Evil ???

Magic Total KIA’d by Magic = 2 x Ogres, 1 Stonehorn & ? Hero rider

T1 Good = 2 ogres Kia’d Evil = Purple Sun dispelled

T2 Good = 1 wound on stonehorn rider Evil = Purple sun cast and missed all targets

T3 Good = Fizzled Evil = Purple sun moved 4" and still missed everyone

T4 Good = Stonehorn and Rider KIA’d Evil = Purple sun failed hit anything again.


T1 Good KIA’d - 5 x warhounds, 6 x ogres, 1 x hobgoblin archer by xbow,

1 Warrior Chaos got shot by something and 1 x Dwarf Cannon Misfired and blew up

T1 Evil KIA’d - 10 x skinks by death shrieker #2, 2 x Brettonian men-at-arms by ID

Dreadquake & Death Shrieker #1 both misfired & both destroyed

Special “Mention in Despatches” goes to the HellCannon which Misfired and rolled - “FZZZZZZed” causing…

KIA’d �?" 1 x Brettonian Damsel, 1 x Elf Wizard, 10 Brettonian bowmen, 5 x High Elves, 2 x ogres: Caused 1 Wnd on Ogre Wizard, 2 on L4 Elf Wizard, 1 on Daemonsmith#1 & Daemonsmith#2 lost all spells

T2 Good KIA’d - Thunderers > 2 x Beastmen, 4 warhounds (last one flees) and 1x hobgoblin

Organ guns > 5 x beastmen and 3 Minotaurs;

Brett archers > 5 x beastmen, Rocklobba 3 x warhounds,

Dw Cannon 4 wnds on K’Daii Destroyer, Dw Xbows 3 wnds on giant, Thunderers 1 wnd on Khan #1,

T2 Evil KIA’d - 1 x thunderer by Hobgob archers, 2 x BT crew by Magma cannon

T3 Good KIA’d - Seige Giant by Organ Gun, 2 K’Daii by Thund’s, 2 x ogres by a cannon

T3 Evil KIA’d - Deathrocket >> 1 x cannon, Hobgobs >> 3 x thunderers,

Magma Cannon >> 6 x Brett Archers and caused 2 wnds on Hippogryph

T4 Good KIA’d - 1 x Hobgob archer by thunderers, 3 x Ogres by BT & others

T4 Evil KIA’d - 1 Thunderer and 5 Brett archers by Magma Cannon

Close Combat

T1 Good = Nil Evil = Nil

T2 Good Brett Knight #1 KIA �?" 1 x Wargore, 4 x Minotaurs and caused 12 Beastmen to flee off table. Brett Knights #2 KIA 4 x Leadbelchers and moved forward into ?. Ironbreaker Horde KIA all 9 x WoC #1 and overrun into WoC #2 and Bray Shaman. WoC #2 KIA 5 dwarfs but lose and flee

T2 Evil Doombull KIA’d all XBows, Khans KIA’d the cannon crew and it immolated and KIA’d both. Destroyer KIA’d 6 XBows then died, Dw Lord Kia’d Bray Shaman. Tauruk KIA’d 2 x Knights#2 and took a wnd.

Beastmen KIA’d 3 x Brett knights #1, ID KIA’d 1 x Man at Arms.

T3 Good Lord on Hippogryph KIA’d the Shaggoth, Stonehorn KIA’d 7 of 8 Cold Ones

T3 Evil Gors KIA’d a cannon & caused thunderers to flee, Ironbreakers and Lord KIA Hellcannon

ID & BC’s KIA’d 3 x Men at Arms. Ogres do something and Reform to attack the Castle gate.

Tauruk (1) & Dragon Ogres (5) KIA 6 Knights �?" Paladin & Champion flee off table

T4 Good ID & BC’s draw again with Men at Arms, Lord & Hippogryph KIA 20 Gors, remainder KIA Hippogryph

Thunderers KIA 4 Gors

T4 Evil Thunderers KIA last 2 Gors,

Ogre Horde breaks through gate and crash into dwarf unit inside. Dwarfs get massacred.


An assessment of our generals.    

Mark the Beastman general was a bit too cautious initially, I think he was just trying to be sneaky, and didn’t move up to threaten the stockade until the last turn but his ambushers did effectively clear the table quarter on the left side of the stockade .  

Jack the Ogre general did what they do best.  Ran forward and broke things very well.  It was judged at the end that he’d probably take the castle by killing all the troops in there all by himself.

And the CD General.    Apart from holding the right flank, a very dismal performance.   Basically I lost us quite a few winning moves and probably a chance at winning the game by the simple facts that I �?��?��?��?�…

1. Forgot the Thunderstomp on the Destroyers, Hellcannon and Iron Daemon’s,

and that the Bull Centaurs could stomp.

2. And I forgot the Destroyers Blazing Body hits and its -1 penalty to get hit for non-magical attacks.

3. Also No-Biggy but I forgot to do the re-rolls from the Daemonsmiths.  

Those could have really changed things a lot as at least I think I missed getting the following: -

Daemonsmiths -   All their re-rolls

Hellcannon -   3 x D6 thunderstomps v’s the ironbreakers before it died

Destroyer -   2  x   5  Blazing Body Hits

-   1 x D6 Thunderstomps against the XBows before it prematurely died.

Iron Daemon -  3  x D6 Thunderstomps on the Men at Arms

Bull Centaurs -   3 x D3  Stomps on the Men at Arms

A pic of the Combatants …

The disgracefull excuse for a CD is front left, then Jack the Ogre and Mark Beasty Boy at the back and the smug critter in the white shirt is my Vanilla Dwarf loving son.


Here are some more pictures of later in the game …

this is the ogres just after they break in through the gate.  you can just see the Hobgoblins behind their mantlets in the background.

Somewhere in the middle of the game before the Shaggoth cops it.

And photos from each end after the game ended

Fuggit Khan:

I love siege battles, this one looks like it was a lot of fun. A nice mix of balanced armies and some great terrain castle pieces as well. Did you make the wooden castle? I’m asking because I enjoy all the woodwork stuff you’ve done in your other posts.

And I especially like posts where people share a pic of themselves in ‘real life’…thanks for sharing that :cheers


A lot of models, great terrain and happy battle playing people, could life be better.

Looks like a lot of fun, great pics, tnx for sharing;)

Vantraxx the Thrice Cursed:

Thx for posting, it was a good read! I’m always forgetting stomps and thunderstomps, i know the feeling…


That looks like a great battle!


Looks great and all, but why not go fx 7500 points and completely avoid unpainted models?


Thanks fella’s, Yeh it was fun.

My whole contingent for that game was painted, well except for the mantlets.   The total numbers was decided on by who was able to turn up and was going to be playing evil.  The two other members of the forces of “destruction” could scratch up a mustering of 3000 each so I matched them to make 9000 pts and the defenders did the same to make up their 4500.

I’d say easily 75% of the Ogres and beastmen were painted to a so-so standard, Its those dastardly good guys who weren’t all up to scratch.

We (the club elders that is) don’t get too fussy with painted or unpainted.  We’d rather encourage them to play so as to keep them interested in WHFB and then get them painting.


Great report, loved the pictures, looks overall like a great game. I have only played siege once myself way back in 5th I think it was, ran a very mobile WoC army of Khorne heavy on knights and chariots with just one unit of warriors with allies of o&g and skaven facing bret, dwarfs and empire.

Everything outside the castle was destroyed by my Chaos Knights (mark of khorne and hydrasword was the good stuff) however we didn’t bring any siege weapons except for one measly rock lobba and got shot down pretty badly, skaven player didn’t bring old crown of command because he was a fluff player and they ran off the table… orcs did more infighting than anything else… last round we where we’re losing so badly I ran a chariot straight into the wall in pure frustration.

I’d love to revisit warhammer siege with a warmachine heavy CD list though and utterly blast down the walls and charging a siege giant up their gates and towers… I think in siege the LoA could really shine.

Looks like a great gaming club you have there btw! Ill start looking for a local community here once I get the army painted and ready :slight_smile: