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Grimbold Blackhammer:

The Infernal Dwarf army book was updated again and, perhaps it’s just me, but most of these items seem like very underwhelming.  Maybe I’m just missing something?   I’d appreciate input in case I’m just not seeing the value of some of these items…

Onyx Hammer - probably the best item of the bunch.  Killy and well priced.

Blade of Burning Steel - for 5 more points, the Obsidian Sword ignores armor all together all the time.  Why would I bother with this item at all?

Mask of the Furnace - not a bad item.  Considering how defensive Chaos Dwarfs are supposed to be, and it’s pretty much impossible to get a solid save, this is a welcome item.  It’s nothing to write home about but it isn’t bad either.

Icon of Lugar - So my model throws away his armor to get a 5+ save versus ranged attacks.  And gets a Ward Save that, by the time you actually need it during the later turns of the game, is gone.  I don’t get this item at all…

Ring of Dessication - another good item.  Well priced, fluffy, and useful!

Vial of Mercury - So a model drinks this to get a modest boost but then statistically dies thereby giving my opponent victory points if I use it before the bottom of turn 5.  This item seems like complete junk to me - what am I missing?!

Gauntlets of Madzhab - clever item.  Cheap but comes with a downside.  I like it!

Besheluk’s Mechanism - it’s a mid-range item.  It’s situationally useful but I’d rather take a Dispel Scroll because it’s cheaper and more reliable.

Banner of the Brazen Bull - only Dwarf units can take it.  And Dwarfs rely on combo charges to attack.  I’m sure there is a use for this that I’m not seeing but I can’t fathom what it could be.

Banner of Nezibkesh - it’s a nice idea but most special attacks are not the high ST attacks I am worried about (except for stomps).  This item seems lackluster.


the last update is pretty harsh…

Grimbold Blackhammer:

Whew! It’s not just me.

I did at least come up with one use for the Banner of the Brazen Bull (though I doubt it’s something I’d actually want to do). It could allow a big unit Dwarfs armed with Flintlock Axes to vanguard and shoot on turn 1. They would get subsequently murdered when something big and killy smashes into them but that would be one turn of shooting you might not otherwise get. Still not a very good item though :frowning:


Ive got a different opinion to most of the stuff:<br><br><strong>Onyx hammer</strong>: Its only a Little better than a ogre blade and 30pts more. You Need the Attribute from the forge path or the ring of dessication to get full use. Expensive, but overlords have 125 pts allowance for items.

Blade of Burning steel: For me a very good item. Metalshifting is great, as far as I remember to-wound-roll is adjusted, too. And if the opponent has little armor: just dont use the effect. 30 pts is ok for that.<br><br><strong>Mask of the Furnace</strong>: Not so good as before, but 30 pts. leaves room for other toys. +1 armor and a breath weapon is not bad.<br><br><strong>Gauntlets</strong>: Very good +1 S for 10 pts and you can still use a Magic weapon or an infernal weapon from the normal Equipment list. Thats awesome. Sometimes you hit one of the lesser ones. Who cares?

Besheluks mechanism</strong>: Rather expensive for the effect and only useful under certain circumstances (unlike the chalice which was useful nearly every turn).<br><br><strong>Brazen Bull</strong>: Depends on army concept. Not a no-brainer.<br><br><strong>Banner of Nezibkesh</strong>: Have to read the rules again. What exactly were Special attacks. Maybe thats good against certain armies.

Grimbold Blackhammer:

Special Attacks - stomps, breath weapons, toxic attacks, impact hits (I think), etc



We do have a couple of more updates before the final product over there, right? Thought I heard all the books are supposed to be finished by…April?

So we have time to give them input and get a more polished, or maybe for us, a rougher book!

Vardan Painkiller:

Icon of Lugar - So my model throws away his armor to get a 5+ save versus ranged attacks. And gets a Ward Save that, by the time you actually need it during the later turns of the game, is gone. I don't get this item at all..
This is for rider, and riders save is not used in the 9th, once monster is dead, so is the rider.
Add rind and great taurus and check how much damage this combo deals.

Grimbold Blackhammer:

Versus a model with a 5 point magic item, not very much… :frowning: