[Archive] A bit of paint on the Deathshrieker


The blog post kinda says it all… this is just the first layers of paint on that DRL I built last week.  This is about 20% painted under normal circumstances, but due to what my fellow commander has on his army, I will have to stop here.

A very generous buy of mine sent me the FW versions of the Iron Demon, Magma cannon and DRL.  Looking at the parts on the bag, it looks like my version is almost the exact same proportions.  Obviously, it has a different look, but I was not too far off!  Yea!

Here is a linjk to the post…

James Wappel Miniature Painting: WIP: A (rapidly) scratch built Deathshrieker rocket launcher: the first layers of paint


Oh, finally!!! You can’t even imagine how much I hoped to have you painting and converting some CDs!

I can now say that the long wait has been worth it. That thing is only 20% done? Woah. That looks complete to me! Awesome!


looking good. i find it hard to stop, harder to start back up.


Looks great! The dwarfs have confederate look about them!

Singleton Mosby:

Looks great! The dwarfs have confederate look about them!

Which is very,very nice if you ask me :D