[Archive] a Chaos Dwarf Table at Gamesday Baltimore 2009?


If anyone is interested in hosting an ALL Chaos Dwarf-themed gaming club table at Gamesday 2009 in Baltimore… lemme know, because I am VERY interested.

Obviously the table would be themed to the darklands. We could build a Chaos Dwarf Ziggurat temple city even, and the idea could be that we have as many chaos dwarf armies fighting on the table as possible… OR we could design somekind of Chaos Dwarf mini-game… something based on Daemon-engines, or an in-city Civil War…

Or how about a huge Daemonic Legion themed to Hashut vs. Chaos Dwarfs (for some reason Hashut is displeased with this faction of chaos dwarfs). All day we could run a HUGE mega battle of this Hashut Daemonic Legion vs. our combined Chaos Dwarf armies.

If that wouldn’t help for publicity, what would? Is this doable? I’ve never hosted a table at GamesDay before but it seems extremely fun and easy to do.

I will never forget how much fun I had playing the 40k mini-game biker racing game called the “Supa Grippo Outrider 3000”… I still have a copy of the rules I found online. They are only 1 sheet long and were SO MUCH FUN. That was something over 10 years ago!



it sounds like a cool idea, you might want to find out what you need to do to host a table.


Our club did Street bowl and and imperial guard/Chaos last stand tables the last few years at the UK one

There are normally limited places, you have to contact the GD events people about it months in advance, you have to fill in a synopsis of what you want to do and they will say yay or ney. Over here all people doing the table on the day has to do a CRB check - its a criminal records check, im assuming its similar there as well

Unfortunetly due to them not being mainstream at the moment and not for sale i doubt they will say yes, good luck to you though


Not to put a damper on it, but doing a club table is A LOT of work. You need to build a table to a very high standard, get enough people to paint all the minis and get your pitch accepted by GW.

That said, a great one to do would be the black orc rebellion - its cannon and would make an epic scenario


Agreed I was at GD 2008 in Baltimore and most of the tables were indeed impressive.


If you can get approval from GW to set it up it sound like a very good idea.

Black Ork Rebellion would be good. ('Ard Boyz vs Chaos Dwarf)

Dwarfs vs Chaos Dwarfs and Orges (Mechanical Rhinoxes) would make sense.

Or really go crazy and have the 4 Gods of Chaos (at least 4 seperate armies) vs the followers of Hashut. Make it that the Chaos armies roll to see it they go after the CD or the followers of the other Gods. This one might have a better chance because it shows off GW’s belove Chaos armies.

I was wondering how many points of armies would you need to do this?

Of course if they don’t allow the table just have someone dress as a Chaos Dwarf Hero carrying a CDO Banner. Yes a CD BSB.

Damn, I’d really have to find the funds to go to Baltimore Games Day if this happens.


I don’t have any examples to prove it right now, but I could definitely make a badass table up to their standards. My favorite armies would be a huge black orc & hobgoblin heavy greenskin slaves army, vs. a chaos dwarf & (ALL hashut-themed) daemons of chaos army.

The scenario would be like a reverse seige the city scenario… where the slaves START in the city, and are fighting to get OUT!

I’m really falling in love with that idea, so if anyone else lives in the Philadelphia PA area, and would like to help me create the city or slavecamp game board, and contribute their chaos dwarfs and greenskin slaves to the 2 giant playable armies… I would be willing to dedicate time to this… it all really depends on when the event actually is, and how much time we have to prepare. I can’t see GW nixing such an exciting idea if it was pulled off well.

House rules could be invented to reflect a greenskin slave rebellion “variant army list” (possible example: no command models except champions? … to represent a spontaneous rebellion)…

Also, house rules for Chaos Dwarf sorcerers to summon Hashut’s Daemons of Chaos.

The battle could take place in the daemon-engine forges, where the slaves toil in the heart of chaos dwarf created darkness… or just at the city walls… who knows… (a little bit of both?)

Even if this doesn’t make a Games Day table, it would be so fun to do a big battle report + article on this scenario featuring the terrain, variant army lists/house rules, and scenario rules… possibly even an extended campaign from the heart of the forges or slavecamps, to the city gates and outside. The battle-report/article would all be for Word of Hashut of course!

So, anyone nearby that wants to make this a reality?


Godbob and his jolly rogers:

Or maybe a Chaos Star battle that way people that would be draw by the other Chaos armys will see us?

But good idea


I could see a slave revolt but I would use the SOC 'Ard Boyz list for about a quarter to a third of the revolt. Use Grimgor Ironhide stats for the revolt leader of the Black Orks and only hero. All units within 18-24 inches of him shouldn’t take animosity tests because he is a revered leader. Orks, Goblins & Hobgoblins have only unit champs as heroes and must have full command, Gnoblar and Gnoblar Trappers should be there too. Please allow Snotlings as speed bumps and No Night Goblins. If my memory serves the Hobgoblins turned on their green skin brethren in the end. After a predetermined number of rounds have the Hobgoblins roll to see if they turn against the revolt.


If you have the possibility, maybe build the table first? At least then you have one part finished and can send pictures that say “look at this spectacular table we have made, we also have these and these and these ideas for playing on it”. And if people bail on you, you can always try and get back to the idea another year.

Question (and problem) is though, do you need to have a club backing you? I’ve tried organise several Apocalypse games and it is incredibly how quickly those enthusiastic gamers turn into no-shows.

Thane Godri GoblinSlayer:

Well I could design a list, although there is no way I could show up :(. So what sort of list do you need, a Hashut’s Daemons and Chaos Dwarf List or a Greenskin Rebellion List. I could design small lists. And first get your priorities straight. :hashut


I would think you really have to have a group/club prepared to go to work the table. If I remember correctly you have to be there early to set up before the doors open.

I group of 6-10 people (the more the merrier) should be able to handle it so people can take lunch/bathroom breaks during the day. The more models on the board the more people you may need watching it.

You also have to decide if you are going to allow walk-ups to play a round or two or have people watch the club members play. I would vote club/group members play.

How bid will the table be? A 4x8 or even a 4x10 can be set up quickly on saw horses as long as the board is thick enough not to bend in the middle say 3/4 inch MDF. A couple (3-4) of plastic 4X2 tables from Sams Club/Costco if you are planning a long table of 1/2 inch MDF. If you go big you could put 2 4X5 foot pieces together with a hinge and dowels and even add wheels for ease of movement.

Remember the size of the vehicle you are transporting it in when building the table and terrain.

Thane Godri GoblinSlayer:

Or this idea would totally most likely get you a spot. Build a table based on the Realms of Chaos, perhaps Khorne’s domain since it could easily be done. Then feature a daemons of khorne versus chaos dwarfs and perhaps Hashut daemons if anyone has made them battle.

Even write up a short thing of fluff and have it on the front of the board or near it.


If you do it make sure to take tons of photos.


The thing with incorporating “other” chaos gods, is that there is no history there. There is no real significance for khorne to be battling with chaos dwarfs, nor would most chaos dwarfs be caught dead actually IN the realm of chaos. I’m not even sure they could corporeally exist in the realm of chaos. The daemons could… but the Dwarfs, no matter how resistant would probably be torn to shreds by thousands of daemons or by the twists, tears, and distortions of reality alone.

But with the Greenskin revolt, especially even incorporating the hobgoblin betrayal… is just way too fluffy and significant… and not to mention, never done before and unexpected!

Khorne, Tzeentch, Nurgle… yeah I play them too… but for a table, they are just so been there done that. Tzeentch’s realm would make a MINDBOGGLING table if done correctly… but then it wouldn’t be a Chaos Dwarf table, now would it?

I don’t think this table would have ANY trouble drawing attention at all. Being the only and first Chaos Dwarf epic battle at a gamesday.

As far as needing club support. No way, the dudes at my local gaming store hosted a lord of the rings “ale drinking” game last year. The owner of the store was telling me how ridiculously simple and easy it was.

I’ll get the priorities straight once I’ve figured out if I’ve got anyone else who’ll do this with me. Also, I don’t think it’s worth doing just to have people watch “us” play. The whole point would be to let attendees play a regiment of greenies or slavin’ meanies!



I’ve seen some strange tables at Games Day. One year the was a table featuring Tyranids vs. Empire.

There are several good ways to go with a table. I like either a battle between the Squabbling Gods of Chaos and the Chaos Dwarfs or The Black Ork Rebellion.

The Squabbling Gods would have Armies for Khorne, Slaneesh, Tzeench, Nurgle, Undivided and Hashut. Each would be assigned a number and they would concentrate their attacks on the army they rolled, if they roll their own number they can choose whom to attack.

The Black Ork Rebellion would have a Black Ork Army (like 'Ard Boyz from SOC) and many Goblin, Ork and Hobgoblin units joining with them vs the Chaos Dwarfs. The Hobgobs start under the control of the Black Orks but if they take a panic test and fail they switch sides. All greenskin controlled units that are within say 24 inches of the Leader (Use Grimgor’s Stats for him please) are immune to animosity.


Well, think on it this way, a slave revolt list doesn’t have to be entirely Orcs and Goblins. If you wanted to go crazy, and because you can essentially make up your own scenario and armys, you could include multiple units from other armies. Ogrs Bulls and gnoblars, Empire militia and free-company, Skaven clanrats, slaves and Night Runners, ect. ect. Basically any unit with lesser gear (ie, light armor at max with few exceptions) could fight.

A tiered table would be great, with it getting progressively higher going up towards one corner or edge. The Chaos Dwarfs retreating further up no matter what or where they retreat from, the slaves having to route the chaos dwarf army (probably being predominately infanty, no one wants to fire an earthshaker into the streets of Zhar Naggrund) and the everybody with hatred! Have the goal of the slaves to make the Chaos Dwarfs retreat off the table, and the goal of the Chaos Dwarfs to “Subdue” the slave revolt.

Add a second twist to it by adding Hobgoblins in with the slaves (with sneaky gits bringing up the rear). Add a Hobgoblin character to the mix who arrives on a random turn, but once he enters, all Hobgoblin units switch sides to the Chaos Dwarfs.


The important thing to do is start it early and consistently work on it. Delay/procrastinate and it wont get done.

Kera foehunter:

So anyone going to this !!!


I PMed CheTralfara because I supposedly live near him. I’m not sure if I can help much but I’ll wait to see if he responds.