[Archive] a chaos dwarf tale


i don�?Tt think I am much good at stories but i enjoy writing them so here is my best go at a chaos dwarf story. i hope you enjoy.

Part 1

Hans desperately cried out to his cruel captors as the harsh lights produced by the nearby daemon forges burned scars in his tortured retina. But his lamentations fell on ears that did not care for one like him- an expendable, a slave. then pain tore through his side as a whip slashed into him punishing him for is outcry. with a groan he once again hauled forlornly on the heavy unyielding steel chain now coated in his  dark crimson blood. in his mind Hans remembered the screams of his fellow unfortunates as they tried in vain to defy their cruel masters. they had suffered the ultimate price for their efforts but he thought bitterly that the icy chill of morrs domain would be like a  glorious palace to a filthy pit compared to this fiery hell . Hans now wished he too could be granted escape from this inferno and release to the calmness, the tranquillity of death. Hans was near death he could feel it, he welcomed it. Hans was so deep in his despair that he barely registered the new band of ragged unfortunates sent to join his chain gang. four elves whose usual grace and agility now gone and it was replaced by awkward and uncouth movements, a fiercesome orc straining in his chains, trying to claw and bite his handlers gaining nothing but harsh jabs of barbed spikes. After the orc came a dozen weary dwarfs hunched and diminutive , after them came seven humans, wretched wrecks drooling and stumbling their miserable way toward him. Hans thought about his old companions,  at least they had died trying. Hans decided. So must he. he would not be like the prisoners marching toward him. he must be free. he must try.


Hi there!

I quiet like your story and thoroughly enjoyed it. I am looking forward to second part. Hope it will be better than the first one. Keep posting. Thank you.