[Archive] a dawrf/chaos dwarf site


hello fellow dawi zharr, I would like to direct your attention to a fairly new-ish site for all those who are verticaly challanged


anyone who wants to come is welcome


They should have a section for Squats and Chaos Squats!


LoL, it’s manly fantasy, though for some reason the damin (the site started of as just dwarves before I moanded) moved my CD list to LoTR

PS: I’m HLY over there

PPS: you joining grim?

Kera foehunter:

I might if they have pirates!!! slayer, dwarfs and chaos dwarfs THERE NO PIRATE DWARFS!!!

YET so is this your site minty


no, it’s not mine, it’s a freinds from OWC, who goes by the name thorek-ironbrow

and, well pirates fit into all three catagories (except maybe the regular dawi, there too much strait arrowns)

slayer pirates

chaos dwarf pirates

see pirates:)

Kera foehunter:

so tell them minty sent me


Don’t see the need for the CD section, just get them to link to us, or add our banner to your signature


Like I said, it’s not ym site, I can’t do anything about it


What is the goal of the new site? :slight_smile:


just as a forum I guess, and a place to talk and hang:)

Oh, and the boss is trying to get me to recruit people and organise a campaing:cheers

no real goal I don’t think, ecept to show the rights of the 5 foot folk


Cool site, but I always feel that us Chaos Dwarfers are hurting ourselves by splitting up over numerous sites.


my loyalties are here; I like the people!!! =D and that address isn’t easy enough for me to remember. lol

and I don’t bookmark things.

Kera foehunter:

Wow i just made it i"m just 5’ tall . we pirates love the change and the free rum!!!


Chaos Dwarfs aren’t that big enough of abcommunity to need endless sites. That being said the more the merrier I guess.

One point of order however. While not against the rules it is generally poor form to just link to other forums (any site for that matter). Generally the staff of various sites will do this. In those cases its ok.

Not to be taken as a smackdown Minty more of an observation.