[Archive] A dinosaur's chaos dwarf hero


Hello all, this is my first post for this forum.

This guy I’ve been working on for the last few months when ever I’ve had spare GS from what few stuff I’ve had to GS. He’s almost finished but I need more GS thou. If I get him finished I might enter him in a in a painting contest. Any way here he is.

Traitor King:

Nice model so far, but i recomend legs :stuck_out_tongue:

Realy like the helmet, it looks pretty sweet

The Flying Beaver:

Pretty awesome, but there’s a fair way to go yet. Any chance of a picture of his back?

Lord Darkash:

Great work, coming along nicely i think. a rear view would be good though.


His legs will be attached but first I need more GS to do a bit of work on his feet before he gets feet. And as for a back shot I’ll post a pic a little later but it’s really nothing special.


Should be nice once he gets legs. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well done, and welcome to CDO!


My chaos dwarf is now finished.


Yeah! welcome Mr. Dino. He looks great with his legs:cheers - any chance to see the back of him? It’s nice to see some division from his masked cousins

Btw - where are the plastic beard skulls and the shield from? - as I don’t recognize them!


To be honest their’s nothing really special about the back but i’ll post a pic a little later. I don’t know where the middle skull comes from (I think I got it at a bitz grab a while back), the other skulls are from the new Flagellants. The sheild is from the old empire spearmen.


I also would like to see the back! Then maybe I will add it to the compiled thread. :slight_smile:


The back has been added to the post with the finished pic.


That’s pretty good. I like it.

Xander, check your private messages please.


w0w thats looking good and im lovin that axe