[Archive] A few of Onii's O&G conversions

Onii One Orc:

Thought I would put up a few of my miniatures to show that I do have some small skill at conversion and painting. :slight_smile: The first is my gobbo bannerman, who may become a bsb at some point. The body is from the wolf chariot crew, and the banner top comes from an orc regiment… I think. Also featured is my orc warboss, Grimblud Gutsmasher, now with new back banner! He’s based on the attack squig warboss from 40K, and his standard is from the Marauders. It’s supported with brass rod, since that was the closest thing I had at hand. Enjoy!


Some very effective, yet simple conversions. Keep it up! :cheers

Kera foehunter:

look good such a small goblin and a big banner. I like the orc to


Like the banner design. The little goblin banner waver has to be one of my fav OnG sculpts


I have the goblin as a banner bearer in my O&G army (I have two GW goblin chariots so I made sure they both have different crew), such a great model. Bendy knees though.

Onii One Orc:

Very bendy knees… at one point I was scared of snapping his leg off while placing him on the base. Wouldn’t have been good at all. Love that gobbo model to death though, such a characterful sculpt. Only problem is that the banner probably weighs as much as the goblin does, so he’s a bit unstable and tends to tip with only slight provocation. One day I’ll get around to magnetizing the bases and fix that problem; for now I simply make due. I’m more in the process of completing unpainted models anyways, and haven’t played a 7th edition game yet at all.

The Warboss is just like I like 'em - big, brutal, and nasty. I miss GW’s bitz service… I think if I had to do it again, I’d use the champion’s axe from the plastic black orcs. Swords aren’t nearly as killy as axes, for an orc. For the curious, the sword arm is off the “Orc Warlord on Boar”, and is actually a teeeeeeny bit too small for that Warboss’s body. The way he’s standing, though, and holding the sword out to the side and just a tad behind makes it look proportioned. I love how these things work out sometimes. :slight_smile:

Captain Crayon:

I love them :slight_smile:

I used the 40k Warbosses for my orc Generals too. The Warhammer one’s just weren’t big and scary enough :slight_smile:

yay for orcs!


heh, I used the 40k warboss for my Chaos Orcs too!

I kept the squig though.