[Archive] A few Questions about the Chaos Dwarf Rules:


Im a bit new to the forum and i am new to Chaos Dwarfs. I have been playing Chaos Daemons for over 4 years now and i decided to switch gears after I saw the cool forge world models.

So I have been reading through the threads and I have a few questions about the book.

My first few questions regards the Magma Cannon:

1) The Magma cannon says its treated as a cannon, and follows the rules for a cannon. Confusion occurs to me when I finish firing with the Magma cannon and I am now rolling to “bounce”. It says to place the flame template where the shot landed. Can I angle the flame template to get the most models? or does it have to lie directly forward?

2) My second question about the magma cannon is this. I have heard a lot of people saying that the cannon causes panic checks. I can’t find any evidence of this, except under the “Fire Thrower” rules. However the Tamurkhan book doesn’t say that the magma cannon is a “Fire Thrower”. Can someone clarify this?

My last question regards the spell "Flames of Azgorth"

1) The spells states that “all models touched by the template” suffer… Does this mean while the template is scattering, or its final location. The reason i am confused about this is because “Pit of Shades” specifically states “models underneath the template”. So I would assume “Pit of Shades” means models underneath the template. “Flames of Azgorth” is not so specific.

Thanks fellow CD players in advance!


1: the flame template moves forward by the artillery die. You angle it straight from anywhere in front arc of the Flame cannon. You can’t angle it again.

2: nope. no panic. unless you do the 25% wounds

3: It’s where it lands.


blackspine is correct on all points. The deathshrieker and hellcannon causes panic if they cause a casualty, which is what you might be thinking of.