[Archive] A few questions



I was going to try and scult a few things to make my Chaos Dwarf Heros and I have a few questions about green stuff, since I’ve only used it to fill gaps and such so far.

1. Do you work with it when it is wet? Or should I just use it right out of the package?

2. Do you try and detail to the green stuff when it is dry?

I think thats everything but I’m sure I’ll think of more.



Hashut’s Blessing:

Let it curate for about 20 minutes first is what most people would say.


hmmm… maybe u should try to mix different quantities of blue and yellow componetns - more yellow u have more “glueing” specify… more blue u have more stable gs :wink:

(but in all it have best specify when mixed in equal quantities ;))


id do different work at different stages. When you first mix it, it is quite sticky. Its best to get your main shapes made first, but its not worth smoothing it out of adding detail till it has hardened a little bit.

Once it is completely dry you can also add detail using a scalpul and a pin vice drill to cut away sections or make holes etc.


The real trick with GS is patience. Mix a small bit of greenstuff and sculpt a small bit of the conversion at a time, let that cure completely and then do the next bit


I agree with AGPO. I always do a bit then leave it overnight just to be sure. Usually scultping a model fully will take a week or 2.