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I know we are meant to be moving over to the new forum and I made sure to create an account there before I post this… I have the same name and Avatar over there but today is a special day for me and I felt it fitting that I should post it here.

Many, many bad moons ago when I was but a beard-ling with my entire life in front of me I found a Chaos Dwarf Juggenaut on Ebay (which I paid ALOT of money for) & I found Chaos Dwarfs Online. I met alot of nice Dawi Zharr and made friends with people just as mad on these evil stunties as I was and still am.

Unfortunately time can be like water splitting stone and I drifted away into the wastes for many years losing touch with my Dawi Zharr brothers. I found myself fluxing in and out of the Warhammer hobby but I never gave up any of my treasured models, I horded them like a greedy dragon who sleeps on disregarded gold, somehow knowing I would someday return from the wastes.

It can be a cruel place out in the wastelands where most people live and I lost my best friend to MND, an evil disease that took his life over the course of less than 12 months, I stuck by him everyday until the last night of his life which broke alot of things inside me which was reflected in my Warhammer room that become to resemble a garbage dump more than a gaming room. I lived in hell, alone and cold.

Last year his spirit came to me and slapped me back to life, not so much physically but it was a feeling inside that was very strong, a feeling that said LIVE because I can not any more. I listened and I acted.

Took me the better part of 6 months to turn my Warhammer room from a garbage dump back into the room we had spent so many good times together in. I organised my collection as I had never done before, turning it into something happy again albeit spiked with a touch of bitter sadness for the loss of my best mate.

Then I started buying again, things had changed, the old world had been blown up by some escaped mental patient working at GW and replaced with Age of Disaster. Warhammer had died as well but I have decided to hold onto it’s memory as I do with my friends memory, cherishing the good times of old and paying proper respect to it, of which I will continue to do until my clock winds down to the final hour.

There has been one thing missing from my collection though, something I have always wanted since I was that young beardling but never been able to obtain… The Ass Cannon. Today I feel blessed by Hashut and my lost mate, Today I feel rewarded for my efforts in bringing back and honoring memories of old, Today I became the owner of an Ass Cannon!

And thus I came here with a Juggernaut, I now leave with an Ass Cannon which I hope you agree is a fitting farewell to the old Chaos Dwarfs Online.

Thank you for reading this and always remember that life is short and that sometimes it gets a hell of alot shorter at a moments notice, cherish all that you have today for it may not be there tomorrow but always remember that when a light goes out and a door is shut in your face, you do not have to stay in the dark you just need the courage to open another door.

:hat off Hats off and cheers for the memories :cheers

Farewell old CDO & hello new CDO.


And thus I came here with a Juggernaut, I now leave with an Ass Cannon which I hope you agree is a fitting farewell to the old Chaos Dwarfs Online.

that ass is leaving with a blast! :yar
i feel bad to leave this place too, and i'm happy for you that you were able to reorganise and put everything to order and sense (something i still havent managed to do in all those years)

i salute you here, and greet you on the other side of the Volcano!


Beautifully written. My condolences for your good friend. Live, and enjoy life, and enjoy Warhammer, and I am sure he will be proud of you. Treasure your near and dear, and your hobby. Thank you for this fitting fareweel, Deebo.

Know that CDO is currently sparkling with creativity as it has always done, undiminished and more brilliant than ever, and its membership numbers are surging. The future looks bright for our niche community!

Let this thread be a long farewell to old CDO, as activity moves to Discourse and the treasure hoards of old CDO will slowly be manually salvaged and transferred. Let other post their farewells to old CDO here as they make the jump to the new.

Thank you, Deebo. Thank you, all members of this wondrous site.

Long live Chaos Dwarfs Online!

Ghrask Dragh:

Beautifully written indeed

I feel as happy to see your revival as I do sad to hear of your loss, it certainly sounds like the end of one journey and the start of another

Thanks for sharing this, onwards and upwards, see you on the new site…