[Archive] A funny BFSP thing happened to me yesterday

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Well, as most of you know, I own a hobby shop in High River, Alberta, Canada and I have a section for Games Workshop games.

Anyway, since my store is in a small town, there’s not that much interest in GW and games are spaced up to 6 months appart.

Well, the GW rep and I came up with a “Paint and Play” program based on having customers come in and help me build the BFSP and Assult on Black Reach sets. They also paint them with the Citadel paints, etc.

I recieved 1 BFSP and 1 AOBR set to sell in the store and one for the Paint & Play.

the day came for the Paint & Play and I opened the “Demo” AFSP set…and what do I find? 2 sets of Dwarfs and no Hobgobin Spearmen. Someone at GW mispacked the set.

I had to resort to opening up the “For Sale” set. IT was Saturday, so I will have to wait until Monday to let them know what happened so they can send out another BFSP for me to sell.

Now, the funny part is this: GW will probabaly write it off as an “oops!” and I’ll get to keep the mispacked set.

This is not good news for my opponient players because now I can make an additional 20 Blunderbuss Crew (Another 2 units or 1 big one of 20) add in another 12 warriors, make more sorcerers and heroes and fill in my ranks of Hobgoblins with another 10 Wolf Riders (but I’ll need Wolves). Oh, and I can now fill out my ranks of Bull Centaurs!

And to top all this off, I have another player who bought a BFSP a long time ago before he switched to Ogre Kingdoms. He wants to work out some deal to give me his Dwarfs in exchange for something else.

If I get his Dwarfs, this will give me 64 Blunderbuss Crew in total, not counting the rest of the Dwarfs. This means that, if I choose, I could field an entire army with nothing but Blunderbusses and still meet the 1000 point minimum. (Ok, I need a Hero choice as well, but imagine the look on the opponient’s faces! :D)



I can easily imagine a desert in front of your ranks of blunderbusses after a turn of shooting :smiley:


Great result :slight_smile: GW will just write that off and send you a new one free of charge have seen it happen loads of time, my mate brought a load of gothic bits and he was missing one small section that made no difference to the model and they resent the whole order, great news for his fleet but bad for me as i was out numbered 2 to 1


You should ask for one with High Elf spear elves in instead! :wink: See what they say.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Two things that are amazing are :

1.) I didn’t put the screwed up one on the shelf for sale.

2.) In the past, I have had more then 1 screw up like this happen, but it was usually with customers products.

Makes me wonder who’s in charge of Quality Inspection. Maybe they should hire me. I did it once for a company named Glass Aire in the late 1990’s.


I’ve had it happen to orders a death roller and It came mInus a leg phoned GW and they sent another I was amazed the let me keep the first death roller so 2rollers for the price of 1 and there not cheep !


Always love it when this happens. its called karma (;


I’m pretty sure there aren’t supposed to be any Hobgoblin spearmen in that set anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Did i say that? MAN! I’m just so “Programmed” by Hashut! LOL!


I had something happen with my old CSM army. I got 6 boxes of Khorne Bezserkers from mail order… After opening them… 3 of the boxes had missed filled sprues (all were missing the back half of the chest) I called GW they said they would send be 3 new boxes… which i was amazed with as i had already repacked the 3 boxes in expectation of having to send them back… so i ended up using the backs from regular marines i had sitting around… and in the mail i got 6 more new boxes which were all opened to vverify they didnt have the error… My army went from 1750 to 3000 points in a day.


I had a similar experience a couple times.

When I started Warhammer, I got the 6th edition starter. Which was also on heck of a deal.

It was missing the Empire stuff. I called, complained, they said it’d take 4-6 weeks. 7 weekes later, I hadn’t gotten it yet. I called back, complained some more, they said they’d send out another batch and if I got both I could keep both. I ended up getting both.


I also had bought a box of Sacage Orcs and it had command in it (which I didn’t want) and called asking if I could male in the command and get regular guys to replace them. They just sent me a new box.


I also had bought a steam stank which was missing a few bits, I had called just wanting the bits and they sent me a new Stank…

4th, and more minor:

I got a box of blood letters for the GW stores secret santa. It had the 25mm square bases, and 20mm square bases. I was going to use them for 40k, so I asked if I could exchange the bases and they just gave me 10 round bases. I still appreciated this as it was in person and very helpful.

Da Crusha:

that happened to my friend when he bought 2 AoBR sets, it came with an extra sprue of marines and less orks in both boxes! so he called em up and they sent him 2 new boxes. after that I looked at my unopened boxes and crossed my fingers hoping it was packed wrong, but it wasnt.