[Archive] A Hobgoblin named Glen

Death aka Joe:

Hey guys i am new to the site, but i must say i love everything on here!��Anyhow i just started building my new army!��A few conversions nothing outta the ordinary. What do you guys think? Any feedback is much appriciated



Ghrask Dragh:

:hat off

That Hobgoblin looks excellent! brilliant colour-scheme and (with all due respect to everyone else) some of the best painting I’ve seen on this site!! Uzkul Werit will be pleased, he’s been telling me for as long as I’ve known him that the old Night Goblins would make great Hobgoblins and now I finally believe him :wink:

The blunderbuss are also very well done, even without their beards they look very cool. I’ve said before the previous Edition warriors make for much better Chaos Dwarfs and this just re-enforces my point.

I really cannot wait to see more of these guys!!

Oh and welcome to the site :cheers


Also love that Hobgoblin paint scheme, wainting forward to see more and welcome to the site!


Bright hobbo(nightgoblin) looks very good that era have great character and the poses on the CD blunders are cool ,keep it up:hat off

Kera foehunter:

Glen is sweet. i like the lava bace and the cool color skeam


I like the look of the old edition dwarf bodies as the basis for your conversions, by the way where did you get them from?


Mail order still do classic dwarf warriors. I love the models but the Dwarfs need beards IMHO


Lookin really good, i use those dwarves but that was more cos i had loads kicking about. you really need some beards, without they just look like evil halflings. Paintings excellent :hat off


hehe… Evil Haflings… No but seriously the Hobgob is really nice but I agree with the others that teh dwarfs really need those curly beards (and a small hat :P)

- Tallhat


Awesome. Now slap some beards on those CDs. Hashut does not like his own to look like halflings in armor sans beard.

Death aka Joe:

Thanks Guys! I am having a great time modelling this army. The bodies are the old dwarf regiment sprues. I just placed an order for 17 more at the GW website. At 7$ a pop you get 4 guys out of it. I was gonna go with the beards, but i think i might model a different story line. My dwarfs are gonna have hideously burned faces i think (from all that mining in lava and such) I might make a lord holding his helm in order to show one without a helm :slight_smile: Also I a gonna do different take on the sorcerers. I am so iinspired by alot of the crazy mechanical conversions on this site, I am gonna model “destruction smiths”. aka engineers of destruction as my sorcercers (the opposite of runesmiths). Half machine/half chaos dwarf, with crazy weapons/flame throwers (kinda like the old special character). I cant wait till all my parts get here so i can get cracking!

All the ideas on this site are great! :cheers so great that i have spent a gazillion dollars on parts that i probably wouldnt have spent if wasnt for this site :stuck_out_tongue:


Could try sculpting some “fake” beards in amour like dwarf ancestor statues, i saw a hobbo bolt thrower with a shield like this in front of it but cant find it now, anyone else know which one im on about?


You could always have a chainmail coif hanging down from the front of the helmet, to symbolically represent a beard. Shouldn’t be too hard to sculpt that with greenstuff.


Great painting, but as mentioned above the Dwarfs need some beards.


Dwarfs without beards are like Linday Lohan without a rehab stint just doesn’t mesh! Beards!

Pyro Stick:

I never noticed that they didnt have beards. Give them beards now! Apart from that they are good.


Dwarfs without beards are like Linday Lohan without a rehab...


- Tallhat


I like the burned faces idea but at least put some little wisps of beard that didnt get burned please! They look good other than that. Kudos to U!

Tarrakk Blackhand:

What about the Dwarf Thunderer banner? The one with the metal Dwarf head?

This one :

That should make a good “Replacement Beard” type of helmet for them.

P.S. These are my Dwarf Longbeards.

Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull:


that night goblin/ hob goblin is awesome painted. I really like those old dwarves for chaos dwarves, I bought the last box in my store but I converted them to my elite goblin unit. But I have one body left so I can maybe make a character from it.