[Archive] A Hobgoblin's Rise to Power


And so our story begins…

My first order of CD has just came in and I have been looking forward to cataloging the beginings and evolution of my army as it slowly grows from ( in my case ) 3 models to, if things go to plan, a fully armed and extremely angry 3k army of CD. Now since I’m strapped for cash at the moment I was only able to purchase the Infernal Guard Command but I will persivere, at the moment the models and their bases are actually seperate as I predict that it will be easier to paint on the lava effects going through the bases. Unfortunatly my camera is not the best quality so it took me around 20 attempts to get these 3 shots.

Watch this space for new updates and please give all advice that you feel will help.


[EDIT] I have taken the advice and have cropped the pictures.


Nice pictures BUT:

1st please crop the pictures. It’s a non sense my pc screen is filled with an enormous picture of your… table surface and just a dwarf in the middle of it. :slight_smile:

2nd your drummer seems to be falling backward. Too loud sound? :wink:

Keep going, longing to see a new Chaos Dwarf army :slight_smile:


Yeh, getting the size of pictures is my problem too. I’m never sure (so far if they are right). I have the command and the fireglaive guard but have yet to “get around to them” as such. Troll around for picture advice. I have two basic cameras available and pictures come out different for either even when doing stuff the same. Its hard when some have adjust for lighting settings and others don’t. And don’t forget the mold lines, there is always a critic and once you take photo’s it’s always yourself.


Ok, I have just finished painting up the guys and I feel pretty happy over the outcome.

Here are some pictures, sorry it took so long but I have been busy.

Please give any feedback :cheers

Watch this space for a unit of fireglaives…


Great painting and colour scheme! New FW CDs are just too good. Do you plan to amass normal Warriors and Hobgoblins too, beside the Infernal Guard? Will you convert them, or wait for their release later on, or do both?


Im a super dooper big fan of the colour of the armour, the iron and red make them look sweet!!!

Great work dude keep it up!!!


Just a thought on what should be my next purchase after some fireglaives, it’s either another unit of fireglaives or Mengil Manhide’s Manflayers. The Manflayers are an old unit that appeared in a old copy of white dwarf, they are a nasty unit to face and when being shot at your opponent suffers -3 when shooting over 12’. I think dark venom doubles overkill from a duel???

This may be a particulary nasty unit in SoM as a first turn volley can mess up a wizard on a fulcrum very early on, but they are fairly (by that I mean extremely)expensive but should be a worthwhile investment.

I have attached the link to the PDF of the rules below:


Please give feed back as I need a good varied opinion on this


Thommy H:

Using a Regiment of Renown with rules that are two editions old is a little random. And I’m not sure they even make sense as part of a Chaos Dwarf army anyway. I’d just stick to the stunties if I were you.


Ok, I have decided to update this army blog with some videos that me and a friend filmed. Be warned though I do not run a pure Chaos Dwarf list as I have too little points and so run them with my Beastmen. In case you were wondering I’m the guy in the hiwiian shirts :smiley:

Battle Report 1


This one was a very fun game as well as funny with some bad rolling and crazy forests!!!

Battle Report 2


In this game me and Conner found out how tough an army build Adam has.

Hope you enjoy these Batreps :cheers