[Archive] A Khorne Chaos dwarf idea,


Im in the process of planning a chaos dwarf army.

I want to make a khorne big hat army, I was thinking that khorne would not take kindly to machines and guns.

Would you accept a giant mammoth as an iron daemon/Destroyer? Juggernauts for kdaii etc?

Anymore ideas?

Peace out! :hat off

Grimbold Blackhammer:

I’m thinking mixing is a bad idea. I’m hardly a fluff-nazi but it definitely doesn’t mix in that sense. Modeling-wise the mammoth models is thrice the size of an Iron Deamon though it is close to a K’daii Destroyer. In the end I think you’ll be shooting yourself in the foot with a very expensive bullet.

Grimbold Blackhammer


I'm thinking mixing is a bad idea.  I'm hardly a fluff-nazi but it definitely doesn't mix in that sense.  Modeling-wise the mammoth models is thrice the size of an Iron Deamon though it is close to a K'daii Destroyer.  In the end I think you'll be shooting yourself in the foot with a very expensive bullet.

Grimbold Blackhammer

Grimbold Blackhammer
Ohh no not the forgeworld mammoth i have a dwarf wars mammoth already

Forgeworld one is far more massive, But you can buy 5 of those for one forgeworld mammoth! :P
has more a asian look do you think the big hats will look ok with it?


that’s actually a pretty cool mammoth… where is that from?


that's actually a pretty cool mammoth... where is that from?



Westwindproductions I think. Costs about £50 If I remember correctly. Looks quite nice.


Imo a mammoth is always a good choice for CDs - like this one in my army:

The model is smaller than the WestWind one but nonetheless an eyecatcher!

And Juggernauts of Khorne ridden by CDs … why not?!

Or you make it a bit smaller like this:

A pure Khorne army could be very cool and unique! :cheers



Mmmmh, fluffwise would be strange… we DO NOT worship another god. We have Hashut, why bother with other gods :wink:

Model wise…mmmmmh 5th edition mniatures are not really Khornish…

Khorne do not like warmachine and we adore warmachines…

Said this, it’s an hobby made from imagination and maybe you are creative enough to surprise me :smiley:

Warmammots are like black, they fit with everything :wink:

P.S. the westwindsproduction mammoth is awesome! If one day I will have a warmammoth, that would be my choice. It needs only a little modifications to fit with GW range. The armored skirts are perfect for Chaos Dwarfs.

Thommy H:

For the record, Khorne is fine with guns and machines. Historically, most of the big daemonic engines available to Chaos armies (especially when the line between Fantasy and 40K was a bit more blurred) were Khornate. He’s the god of battle - while that manifests as a fixation on close combat in Warhammer (because that’s where most of the fighting and killing happens in a quasi-medieval setting), he’s quite happy to collect skulls that have been blown off at range if the technology exists (see 40K).


If I recall armourcast used to make the cannon of khorne and not to put too fine a point about it it was massive. A khorne themed force would be cool as hashut is not the only flavour.


Fluff wise I see no problem with this. As a group of Chaos Dwarfs from Zharr Naggrund, with big hats et al, they’d have to be rebels, or a secret cult, as Hashut reigns supreme. Outside, the Warhammer World is huge, and it’s history long and somewhere, at sometime, there’s bound to have been a Dwarf hold that has fallen to Khorne, or Nurgle or whatever. GW deliberately keep things open, as long as you can come up with a good story.

I’d be interested to see what you come up with.


Thommy is correctnn this. Back in the 3rd edition days the minis and rules had plenty of Khornate chaos champs festooned with pistols, guns and other ranged weapons…


Maybe your are right about Khorne fixation with warmachines but my dwarf heart cries when I read about Chaos Dwarfs ready to bow in front of lesser gods like Khorne! :frowning:

May the fury of Hashut crush such a blasphemy :wink:


The first GW CD models were Khorne-worshipping dwarfs with their war machines, including crossbows and mortars.