[Archive] A letter to Thommy


After downloading your armybook I was amazed at the detail and the time you put in this project and I wanted to thank you for it.

I have a horrible but mandatory job ,I work in prison and my first 3 years I worked with murderers and violent inmates so my job was exciting and rewarding and I had a ball,but my wife was always stressed so I moved to a low security prison which had alot less fights but have alot of pedafiles.

Most people have a lot of trouble dealing with them,there files read like horror stories and you have to take care of these people make sure they are on there meds etc etc. I had a super power I can detach my emotions and deal with what needs to be dealt with. So I can deal with these horrible creatures with out any strees to me. Well that changed I got a major head injury during a training exercise. Well as some of you may know a head injury can change your personality. Most people get headaches and rage issues,not me I became sensitive and I mean cry at chick flicks admire flowers and worry about deer crossing the street sensitive! Needless to say pedafilles now bothered me alot ,So I talked to a Doc and he said now thatt I had human feelings I should get a hobbie and it would help me deal with my feelings,I already have a hobbie but I didnt think it would be enough to keep me busy.

Anyway I had been looking for a project to do for about a year and a half now but nothing had felt right. Then the Tamurkhan came out and I bought ALL the FW CDs ,but after I finish painting them they woul have joined the rest of my armies on the shelves in my hobby room. Then you gave us your book and all its options opened up to me ,Ogres building my on warmachines ,hobgoblins wolfriders and Overlords that can rebel againts the rest of the CDs. I knew then that this was it! I could use my small orc and ogre armies combined with my FW Chaos dwarves build a rebel allaince that would take me at least 3 years to finish.

So when you are in England doing whatever it is that you English do and a large 260 pound bald bearded american wearing a batman shirt gives you a bearhug, its ok, its me and my wife will tell me to put you down.So dont be too nervous Ill just buy you a drink of your choice as a Thank You


Thommy H:


I woke up this morning feeling kind of drab. Just a bit wonky and inside-out - I had wanted to achieve a lot this weekend, but I don’t know if I just had one too many whiskeys last night or what, but I felt like I didn’t want to get up. It happens. Some days I’m full of life, and sometimes I just want to curl up and not be. Then I read this, and I felt like if I was able to affect one person’s life in a positive way because of something I wrote - something silly and geeky and inconsequential, but into which I had put my time and energy and of which I was nonetheless proud - I could probably do anything.

So thank you, Jon. Sentiments like this mean more to me than you might imagine. It seems a small thing to make a person somehow happier, but what else is there in life, really?


Not a small thing ,Thommy

and your very welcome



I’m not intentionally going to hijack this thread but I have to say, being in a similar condition (monotonous job, duty to my family) and while living with a disability I have to say that being part of a hobby like this really does help you feel like you can achieve anything.

I feel like Thommy has been a major part of my modelling experience since I found this site. At first, I thought he was just a WWAC Warhammer fanatic (no offence, mate) but after getting to know him through here and through his blog, I’ve really come to almost relate to him.

Reading his posts on here and more profoundly on his blog really help me as I can see there are other people that think like I do, and are passionate about the hobby.

I think after everything Thommy has done for the hobby, and people in general, we should all be thankful.

Just letting you know, Thommy - you wrote “If I could affect one person’s life” Well, you’ve affected much more than one person, so don’t forget that and don’t let life get you down.

Thanks for sharing this JonJon - you said it better than any of us could have :slight_smile:



You can hijack the thread if you like.I already said everything I wanted to say. Your welcome too