[Archive] A little house on the prairie


Just something I’m building for fun, a warmaster scale mordheim building.

A massive amount of work yet to do obviously. Lots of learning to be done on this one.


That’s a solid start, maestro. It looks great already. Looking forward to the details!


It is looking good at this early stage.

In the first pic I thought someone had fallen through the roof.

Mivrash Faz:

Looks good.

@Abecedar: In the first pic I thought someone had fallen through the roof.

That’s what she said. :hat off


Very nice start indeed. And yea, it looks like a dude fell through the roof in the first pic;)

Fuggit Khan:

Pretty cool…but I’m curious how many people get the reference ‘Little House on the Prairie’? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I did but only because I’m old. Anyone under 30 probably shouldn’t, and I’m not mean enough to inflict it on them.


An update. This house is taking forever to do. The roof has been really hard work actually. Still doesn’t sit flat, but it’s going to be cast that way. Only needs a few elastic bands when gluing and it would be fine.


Magnificient progress, maestro. Did you sculpt the roof? :slight_smile:

@Fuggit Khan: I get the reference, but that western TV-show (or was it a movie?) was long before my time. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Wow, great progress and with very nice details;)


Not an update on the house, but some other things:

I have the card version of the buildings complete. To finish these I need to coat the models in plasticard and start the detailing.

First up is the Barracks.

I haven’t decided on whether to create a ruined section of this or not? What are your thoughts?

Second is the wizards tower.

My initial plan here was to have it as shown, but I then thought it would be fun to have a waterfall coming out of the skull mouth that was then ‘suspending’ the whole thing above a base underneath. But that doesn’t really work as well because of it having a staircase in mid air… So I’m going to stick with it as shown (but with a waterfall). It’s going to be a hefty piece of resin though as it’s entirely solid. Not easy at all to hollow it out.


Really cool stuff man! Are there that many people still playing games where this size fits?

A ruined section for the first house would be cool. Perhaps it could come with two roofs, that would be an easy way to make it a ruin.