[Archive] A lot of pictures about the IG in 40k


Here you can see Imps with cool shotguns and more. Also take a look at the Thunderhawk and the new plastic kit which includes the models which are in the new 40k box.

You can see Deathkorps, too.


Knight Of Awsome:

Lol i am so getting that set, and some of the FW models looked cool too


Plague ogres I’ll have to get to join my WHFB mortal/daemon army, I don’t split my army, they fight as one.

Knight Of Awsome:

Plague ogres I'll have to get to join my WHFB mortal/daemon army, I don't split my army, they fight as one.

I think the ogers are for 40k?

Ghrask Dragh:

Plauge Ogres look cool, new orks are always cool!!


I know, none of my fantasy armies are legal, if I like the look of something it goes in and plague ogres are going to fit into my nurgle army very nicely.:hat off

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

not at all are they ugly


Nice stuff. Cant wait for that Warboss - he is so cool. Only reason for getting that ‘Assault on for Black Reach’ - starter set.

And Forge World … just keep getting better and better - must resist, really must :slight_smile:

No clam, you are not starting a CSM Nurgle army!

- But have you seen those terminators and plague marines as well?? … and the Sorcerer?

Yes, but no. Master says no!


I’ve got to decide whether to get rid of my Nurgle WHFB army or Nurgle 40k, can’t afford to keep both. I’ve got the older forgeworld plague dreadnought and the new stuff they’re bringing is sooooooooo good.

Horrible choice to make.