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It hadn’t rained over Radlakh for 60 years, not since before its lord had been cast out in ignomony, declared a traitor to the Dawi Zharr. He had held his forces back on the road to Middenheim, resupplying them rather than charging headlong into the throng of Karak Kadrin. Denied their artillery support, the Chaos horde had been routed by the army of Ungrimm Ironfist, and in the aftermath, when somebody was needed to blame, Lord Ananias of Radlakh seemed like the perfect person.

    The sorcerers decided that Lord Ananias’ actions could not be down to incompetence, and so concluded that he must have accepted a bribe, no proof was needed beyond his actions, and so Ananias was cast out from his fortress and replaced as its Castellan by one of his lieutenants.

    Several years later, and as he walked up the mountain road to Radlakh, Ananias smiled as he felt the rain on his face. He looked at the false gun emplacement ahead, and saw hanging from a gnarled tree the body of the new castellan and his four lieutenants, flies eating and breeding in their corpses.

   He had been released from his prison cell by Astragoth himself, and told of the dire situation in the domain around Radlakh. Two slave rebellions and the economic ineptitude of his replacement had left the fortress at Radlakh suffering from a famine, plague, and widespread unrest, and Astragoth had presented Ananias with an ultimatum.

    “Radlakh is too important a strategic strongpoint for us to allow it to fall, and it is now in a state of anarchy. You are to once again become its Castellan, and you are to re-establish order there by any means necessary. If you succeed, then you will be pardoned; if you fail, then you will be fed to the goblins.”

    And so, with his body still covered in weeping wounds and dark bruises, Ananias strode up to the gates of his once and future domain. He pushed the doors open and entered, his future, and that of Radlakh hanging in the balance. The clouds parted, and Morrslieb gazed upon Radlakh

And so with these words, my Chaos Dwarf army begins. Hats, helms, masks and the occasional baldy will meet in this new force, and over the coming unspecified period of time, this is what I aim to collect.

1 Chaos Dwarf Lord (Ananias) (undercoated)

2 Chaos Dwarf Heroes

1 Chaos Dwarf Battlestandard Bearer

3 Chaos Dwarf Sorcerers (1 undercoated)

1 Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer Lord

1 Bull Centaur Character

1 Boar Centaur Character

1 Heavily armoured Hobgoblin Hero on Wolf

1 Heavily armoured Hobgoblin Hero on foot

38 Chaos Dwarves with blunderbusses

30 Chaos Dwarves with hand weapons and shields

11 Chaos Dwarves with great weapons

3 Chaos Dwarf unit champions

3 Chaos Dwarf musicians

3 Chaos Dwarf standard bearers

20 Hobgoblins with hand weapons

20 Hobgoblins with bows

33 Hobgoblins with hand weapons and shields

2 Hobgoblin unit champions

2 Hobgoblin musicians

2 Hobgoblin standard bearers

2 Bull Centaurs

1 Bull Centaur champion (built)

1 Bull Centaur musician (built)

1 Bull Centaur standard bearer (built)

4 Boar Centaurs

12 Chaos Dwarf War Machine Crew

4 Hobgoblin War Machine Crew

3 Death Rockets

2 Bolt Throwers

2 Earth Shakers

And so, let the army building begin!

4 built

2 undercoated

0 painted

211 models remaining

First off, I’ll try and do a hero, 20 CD’s in two units with command, a wizard, some bull centaurs, and some naked hobgoblins

For the Hero, I am thinking of converting up a Thorek Ironbrow model

For the Sorcerer, I will either get a classic dwarf wizard, or convert one from the classic plastic dwarf warriors boxed set.

The 20 chaos dwarfs will be taken from Skull Pass most likely

The Hobgoblins will be made from the new Night goblin models, or from gnoblars.

I’ll also start some Bull Centaurs as well made from Grudge Ponies plastic dwarf warriors.

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage



Nice intro story :slight_smile:

A lot things to do! Good luck with your endeavours!


Boar Centaurs woooo!


Ananias entered the Castellan’s armoury. Most of the equipment was strewn about on the floor, but at the far end there was a sarcophagus of meteoric iron with a chilling image of a masked daemonic dwarf carved into the front. He took from under his tattered robes a key of obsidian and slid it into the eye socket of the sarcophagus. Turning it twice to the right, once to the left, and thrice to the right again he activated the unlocking mechanism, and after a few moments’ whirring, clicking and clanking, the front of the sarcophagus slid down to reveal a dark, dank passageway.

  Ananias walked to the end of the passageway and smiled as he saw the true armoury beyond; a layer of dust showing that the arms within had lain untouched since his fall from grace. He donned up a suit of scale armour, unusually cool to the touch and hefted a black axe of carved obsidian in his right hand. He placed the crown of the castellans on his head, and took an ornate shield in his left hand.

  Thus armed, he left the armoury, the sarcophagus sliding shut behind him, and re-entered his chambers. The bull centaur before him looked up, arrayed in chain mail armour and barding and asked, “Is anything missing my lord?”

  Ananias smiled a thin, sneering smile, "Nothing. Thankyou for keeping this key from the previous castellan, you have done me a great service."

Two weeks on, and betwixt exams I have not had much time to any modelling. I have finished assembling and undercoating my chaos lord, and apart from the arms and the base, I have finished assembling and sculpting a bull centaur.

The Chaos Lord

- Body: Thorek Ironbrow

- Right hand and axe: Chaos Champion of Khorne

- Left arm: Chaos Space Marine [CSM] bolt pistol arm

- Left shoulderpad: CSM shoulderpad

- Shield: Plastic Chaos Marauder shield.

The Bull Centaur Prototype

- Bull body: Grudge Pony from Battle For Skull Pass


The uneven surface on the back of the bull centaur’s helmet is intentional. From above it is three points of a chaos star.


Cool story! I really like it! :hat off

Could you post some pics of your Boar Centaurs? I like Boar Centaurs a lot (like you can see at my showcase thread)! :cheers

Go on with your great army and story! :smiley:



I shall add them as I make them, at the moment, I haven’t made any.

In your experience, should one use dwarf bodies or something larger for chaos boar centaurs?

Actually, having had a look at your army, I may just purloin the idea of mounting a chaos lord on a balrog.

Coming tomorrow. A fully converted command section for my bull centaurs.


“I was surprised,” remarked the sorcerer Zagrat, “that you lasted as long as you did at Zharr-Naggrund without being used as a sacrifice. I gazed with much interest into my crystal ball, and I must confess, I learned a few new torture techniques.” Ananias remained silent

Zagrat was a wizened old dwarf. He had pale milky eyes, a hunched back and a pronounced limp. Dressed in ragged robes, he walked alongside Ananias as he showed him to his workshop. Two bull centaurs, guarded the entrance, veterans who bore the honour of carrying their standard and drums.

The iron doors swung open with a hiss of steam and a dozen hobgoblins scrambled out of the way as the two dwarfs entered the workshop beyond. In it was strewn about all manner of different war machines. Some great mechanical crab, ordnance of all varieties, organ guns, and several cannons modified with siege plates to protect the gun and the crew from missile attacks. A few labourers were stripping down a large mortar cannon and replacing various components to make a newer, stronger weapon.

Ananias surveyed the scene impassively, secretly pleased that Zagrat had been innovating and experimenting as ever. His eyes were drawn to the centre of the room to a circular altar covered in glowing runes. The indistinct form of a daemonic creature could be made out above the altar, constantly shifting in shape.

“We have trapped a herald of Tzeentch,” commented Zagrat, “and we are using it to aid in our fabrication.” He indicated several weapons and suits of armour that seemed to be linked by stands of energy to the figure above the altar. One of the swords seemed to be wreathed in fire, and the others had strange looks about them.

Ananias nodded, the sight of the trapped herald had given him an idea.

Okay, today we have bull centaur command, war machines and a classic gnome sorcerer.

The drums and arms on this guy are from the plastic dwarf quarrellers/thunderers set

The shield is a chaos marauder shield

Quarreller banner pole

Dwarf warrior hand axe

chaos marauder shield

standard badguy banner top

This was my first attempt at sculpting scale mail, it was really hard to avoid finger prints, and I just hope that they won’t be noticeable in the end.

A classic, classic gnome/dwarf wizard/sorcerer still available to mail order as part of the dwarf adventurers set

I got this from a pirate boardgame much like crossbows and catapults, I’m probably going to convert it into an earthshaker

BFSP cannon with the leg plate from a soul grinder, 'nuff said. In game, it will still be a cannon for my dwarfs, but for CDs I’m, thinking maybe a death rocket?

Coming soon: 2 more bull centaurs, a bull centaur character, a chaos sorcerer and a chaos hero.


Great work on the bull cantaurs they look really good, also really like the Thorek Ironbrow conversion, keep up the good work Laurellien :slight_smile:


wow, who would have thought that ponies could be bull centaurs?


Upon one of Radlakh’s many towers, a drill was taking place. Five dwarfs were practicing their gunnery against a large, straw target. Hobgoblin attendants kept score, attended to the ammunition requirements of the dwarfs and gushed with praise at every shot that was made.
  One dwarf, a red-head wearing blue and gold and a great, horned hat stepped forwards. He levelled his weapon, took aim and fired. Shrapnel pelted the target and he regarded it for a moment, as if he could see something more than a tattered, smoking mess left by his shot.
  “Oo! Very good master,” grovelled one of the hobgoblins,  “You hit all of the runes representing the elves and not a single one of the runes representing the dwarfs.” He paused, smiling a little desperately, “and I notice that once again you hit the area occupied by hobgoblinses. Such amusement with your accuracy…”
  The dwarf turned and headed back to his fellows. “Those hobgoblins annoy me so much I’m not sure if that was inaccuracy or if I meant to hit them.” The dwarfs chuckled at this and then a blond one wearing red and brass colours headed forwards, aiming his gun.
  “Too close there Joshua,” called the one wearing blue, “At that range you’ll bounce your shot off the target and take out a few of the lackies!” Joshua looked as if he had been thwarted and moved back as the hobgoblins desperately hurried out of the way. The assembled dwarfs continued to reload as Joshua took his shot.

I saw the golden hat competition, and thought that it was as good an excuse as any to paint up some blunderbussiers, so I laid my hands on five classics and painted them all up differently.


In your experience, should one use dwarf bodies or something larger for chaos boar centaurs?

It depends on the boar bodies which you will use!

I used the old 3rd edition boar bodies and "normal" dwarf upper torso fitted very well imo!

But if you use the more "modern" plastic Ork boar bodies the GW CD/Dwarfs seem much too small!
The Reaper minis would fit quite well cause they are bigger than the GW ones.
Perhaps the plastic GW Chaos Warriors could also be used but I haven't any on foot to make an attempt.

I like the ongoing story a lot! Go on I'm keen to read more of your stuff!



Don’t post your entry online if you intend to submit it!

I have removed it from your post.

Da Crusha:

I really like this guy I use him as my dwarf master engineer for a cannon. He adds just the right amount of black powder for optimum strength.


No big update this time. Just a brief progress report.

20 big hat chaos dwarf blunder bussiers of which

6 undercoated

6 base coated

8 painted

the bull centaur command are having shoulder pads sculpted on, and I should start on the mail for two more pretty soon.

The Stormchild:

Pretty awesome so far!

I look forward to seeing more!


Their target practice over, the blundebussiers donned their armour and assembled upon the parade ground. They stood to attention, their firearms by their sides. To their left stood forty hobgoblins with half-spears, their freshly laundered robes concealing the chainmail beneath. Twenty more hobgoblins stood beside them, bows at their sides and quivers brimming with arrows. All of the hobgoblins wer visibly cowed by the presence of the black orcs standing silently behind them, armed to the teeth with a variety of weapons.

  Next to the blunderbussiers stood nineteen of Radlakh’s immortals, the personal bodyguards of the castellan. Wearing long cloaks and carrying hammers, they were a fearsome sight, their banner of warped flesh fluttering from an eight pointed star. Next to them were the hobgoblin cavalry, riding giant spiders captured in the dark forests to the west.

  At the far end of the line stood 5 bull centaurs clad in chain and scale, with huge axes and shields inscribed with symbols of the gods. Next to them were two dwarfs wearing masks polishing the armour plating of a death rocket.

The only sound on the parade ground was the clicking of the spider’s pincers, and the winds blowing dust from the east. Suddenly, the hornblowers blew their horns, the drummers beat their drums, and the great doors to the barracks opened. Ananias, Castellan of Radlakh, marched onto the parade ground. At his left walked a sorcerer named Elijah, upon his right was the new vice-castellan, a haughty noble named Amon. He wore a hat as tall as himself and impressive tusks protruded from his mouth.

  Behind them walked a fearsome black orc. He wore a mask with horns protruding from it. This was Rimush, the current leader of the black orcs in Radlakh. He stalked in the footsteps of the castellan, glowering darkly. He was clearly in a bad mood about something, and the hobgoblins flinched as he walked past them, the aura of menace about him almost palpable.

  The leaders finished the inspection and exchanged words. Rimush remained silent, brooding darkly. Amon shook hands with Ananias and saluted him as Ananias left. Amon turned to the assembled troops.

  "Our lord and master has just learned of the intolerable situation that this citadel has been put into, and he has decided to take action. We suffered under the last fool for long enough, and now it is time for us to march out and put those damnable rioters in their place. We have received intelligence that the slaves are assisted by enemies unknown, and so finding and eliminating them is our primary objective.

  “The bull has been gutted, and the omens are clear, we shall be successful in our task. So let the name of Hashut be your battle cry, let his word be your watchword, his glory your weapon, and his visage your armour. To WAR!!!”

  He raised his axe in the air, and the assembled ranks of dwarfs and greenskins cheered in answer. They picked up their weapons, and marched to battle.

Right, I have a 1k army built to basic standards now, and I shall edit this post with their pictures when I have access to a camera. Very few are painted, and some of them still need conversion work, but the models are there, ready to be used.

All this week I shall be going into my local GW and trying out the new rules for WFB with my army.


5 Bull centaurs w/full command and heavy armour 150 150

Death Rocket 80 230

20 Chaos Dwarf Warriors w/blunderbusses 240 470

Chaos Dwarf Hero w/great weapon 64 534

Armour of Gazrakh 30 564

10 Black Orcs w/shields & full command 178 742

15 Chaos Dwarfs w/full command 165 907

20 Hobgoblins w/light armour, shields & standard 90 997

5 Bull centaurs w/full command and heavy armour 150 150

Death Rocket 80 230

20 Chaos Dwarf Warriors w/blunderbusses 240 470

Chaos Dwarf Hero w/great weapon 64 534

Armour of Gazrakh 30 564

10 Black Orcs w/shields & full command 178 742

14 Chaos Dwarfs w/full command 156 898

10 Hobgoblins w/bows 50 948

10 Hobgoblins w/bows 50 998

5 Bull centaurs w/full command and heavy armour 150 150

Death Rocket 80 230

20 Chaos Dwarf Warriors w/blunderbusses 240 470

Chaos Dwarf Hero w/great weapon 64 534

Armour of Gazrakh 30 564

10 Black Orcs w/shields & full command 178 742

19 Chaos Dwarfs w/full command 201 943

14 Hobgoblins w/light armour and shields 56 999

5 Bull centaurs w/full command and heavy armour 150 150

20 Chaos Dwarf Warriors w/blunderbusses 240 390

Chaos Dwarf Hero w/great weapon 64 454

Armour of Gazrakh 30 484

10 Black Orcs w/shields & full command 178 662

40 Hobgoblins w/shields, light armour, standard & champ 180 842

14 Chaos Dwarfs w/full command 156 998

5 Bull centaurs w/full command and heavy armour 150 150

20 Chaos Dwarf Warriors w/blunderbusses 240 390

Chaos Dwarf Hero w/great weapon 64 454

Armour of Gazrakh 30 484

10 Black Orcs w/shields & full command 178 662

10 Hobgoblins, everything standard & champ 180 842

14 Chaos Dwarfs w/full command 156 998

5 Bull centaurs w/full command and heavy armour 150 150

20 Chaos Dwarf Warriors w/blunderbusses 240 390

Chaos Dwarf Hero w/great weapon 64 454

Armour of Gazrakh 30 484

10 Black Orcs w/shields & full command 178 662

20 Chaos Dwarfs w/full command 210 872

Lvl. 2 Chaos Sorcerer w/dispel scroll 125 997


Okay, further to my last post, here is my army as of the 17th of June

The full army (minus 5 blunderbussiers entered into Golden Hat)

Full unit of converted Bull Centaurs. I sculpted unique shoulder pads for each one.

Black Orc Hero (Boss Rimush)