[Archive] A new Wizard in Warhammer, Halfling Chef


[align=center]Halfling Chef [/align]

Halflings chefs are the most respected members of the Moot. They are hired to feed troops preparing for battle but they also have their own magical abilities. They haven�?Tt been taught the spells like the Elves and Humans but picked up chants from overhearing the wizards they have seen. Being small and stealthy has helped them learn some spells and some of the more powerful chefs used their innate abilities to create the Lore called Chef�?Ts Magic.

… M - WS - BS - S - T - W - I - A - Ld

Halfling Chef   4  -  2  -  4  - 2  - 2  - 2 - 4 - 1 -  9

Pony . . . . . .  6  -  2  -  0  - 3  - 3  - 1 - 3  - 1 -  5

Points: 75

Equipment: Hand Weapon

Magic: A Halfling Chef is a Level 1 Wizard and must use Chef�?Ts Magic


· Any Halfling Chef in the army can be upgraded to a level 2 Wizard for +35 points

· May ride pony for (+7 pts) which may be barded (+4 pts)

· May choose magic items from Common, Empire or Dogs of War army lists (Must use magic of army that the model is being used in) with a maximum total value of +50 points.

Special Rules:

· Magic Resistance, adds 2 Dispel Dice instead of the normal 1 for the wizard level.

· May be used in Dogs of War and Empire Armies as a hero choice, May also be used in a Dwarf army taking a hero and rare slot.

[align=center]Chef�?Ts Magic

D6 Spell Difficulty

1 Cassia 5+

2 Chicken Soup 6+

3 Fish Stew 7+

4 Beef Stew 8+

5 Capsaicin 9+

6 Sour Salt 12+[/align]

Cassia Cast on 5+

This is a magic missile with a range of 24". If successfully cast, the Cassia hits its target and causes D6 Strength 4 hits.

Chicken Soup Cast on 6+

Soothes the soul of the recipient.

This spell can be cast upon the Wizard himself or upon any friendly model anywhere on the tabletop, even if engaged in close combat. No line of sight is required. If successfully cast, the model regains 1 wound suffered during the game. In the case of a ridden monster, choose either the monster or the rider. This spell has no effect on war machines.

Fish Stew Remains in Play Cast On 7+

The wizard makes the unit feel that they can avoid anything that is fired their way.This spell can be cast on a friendly unit that is visible to the caster and within 24". The unit has a 4+ ward save against all normal and magic missiles.

Beef Stew Remains in Play Cast On 8+

The wizard chants the spell and all are instantly no longer hungry and ready to go against even the largest monsters.

This spell affects all friendly units that are within 12" of the caster. No line of sight is required. If spell is successfully cast all of these units and models are now Immune to Psychology.

Capsaicin Cast On 9+This is a magic missile with a range of 30�?�. If successfully cast, the Capsaicin hits its target and causes D6 Strength 4 hits with no Armor save possible.

Sour Salt Cast On 12+This is a magic missile with a range of 30�?�. If successfully cast, the Sour Salt hits its target and causes 2D6 Strength 4 hits with �?"2 to the armor save.


Yes, I’m slightly odd.

Yes, the humor on Chicken Soup was intended.

The Soup/Stews affect friendly models/units, the Spices are Magic Missiles.

Cassia is a Cinnamon Replacement.

Capsaicin is the heat producing substance of Chili Peppers.

Sour Salt is Citric Acid.


Looks interesting… Maybe lore of Fire?


I originally had him for Chef’s Magic or Lores of Fire, Life and Beasts. But after having fun making the lore he had to have only one choice.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

This guy is hillarious! love it!


Nearly everyone love halflings.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Wonder why GW didn’t make more of them?


I like him !

What’s the stats of the pony ?



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this is great love an amazing idea


Very cool idea, and here i dont feel the magic overpovered.

Im sure im going to try him out in my DOW army.

Maybee an idea, if you include him you may take 2 hotpots for 1 choice? Or make them easier to field on the board.

And maybee i would make the LD a bit lover, as halflings arent known for their great leadership stats :slight_smile:


Average halfling leadership is 8


My bad then, i cant imagine the 'lings to be so brave :slight_smile: But well, the kitchen is rather dangerous, specially in the Old World


wow! love it good to see MM’s on so high difficulity.

and i cant see how you can dislike the halflings, dont agree with gw that they are vulgar and ugly, i see them with a “the adventures of bilbo baggins” look small fat humans with hairy feet!


There and Back Again, A Hobbits Tale.

OK some of the Halfling models could use an update, just like all the Dogs of War/Regiment of Renowned models. The Hobbits in the Lord of the Rings range are great, but too small for Warhammer.

Somebody please buy GW and put me in charge. We would se some cool stuff them.


cant afford buying gw, and putting you in charge? having a halfling theme to all armys would be boring greenhaflings, chaoshalflins, lizardhalflings etc. etc

¤There and Back Again, A Hobbits Tale.¤

dident know the name.

think this wizard was balanced, you could add a bit to the lore,


I wouldn’t do that, Halflings have a small place in the Warhammer Universe. I would put them back in the Empire Book.

But a Chaos Dwarf Book and Mercenary (Dogs of War) book would be on the agenda. For some odd reason GW wants people to play the game only buying one army book, instead of selling more books. I tried to explain that if you were using Ogres in your army you needed two books but the red-shirts (not a good source of info) say that in a tournament you couldn’t use Ogres. GW has no Grand Tournaments this year and the people might play Indy tourneys and discover more is allowed (like fun army make ups).

The reason DOW has been phased out is because people were using units to fill in weaknesses in their armies (like a good general always tries to do). Crossbows in Chaos armies make no sense in fluff standpoint. They could fix that with a change on what armies could take what units and keep players happy. But GW doesn’t like keeping players (except Daemon players :D) happy.


Love it. I second everybody loving halflings :stuck_out_tongue:

And yes, I cannot understand why GW does not like people that like to mix different army books.

I love the times (5th edition) when you can find the same troop in different armies, like harpies in Dark elf army and chaos army, exactly the same mini and stats.

Or the whole Chaos Dwarf project, greenskins and dwarfs together, I love it! :slight_smile:

I do not like either to see soem of the DoW troops into totally different armies (fullfwise, I mean) but it could be easily fixed with a minimum effort. :expressionless:

and, finally, yes to halflings back into empire army! :cheers


There and Back Again, A Hobbits Tale.

OK some of the Halfling models could use an update, just like all the Dogs of War/Regiment of Renowned models. The Hobbits in the Lord of the Rings range are great, but too small for Warhammer.

Somebody please buy GW and put me in charge. We would se some cool stuff them.

I'm sure the current batch of folks are t hinking the same thing. I always love the individual that thinks if he sells what he likes that everyone will buy it.  I'm only poking fun at you Baggins, but you have to admit, it is a pretty solid argument I bring up.

And I for one would find it not only gouging but a bit off putting to be required to buy any more than the one book for the army I play. I've been down that road.  Hey if you play space wolves, buy the 10 dollar supplement and then buy your codex too. while most other armies share one book.  Or for fantasy, hey if you buy all 3 chaos books you can field a mixed army.  

Gw already did that, the sales went down and people started buying armies that only had one book. So, they shifted gears. What you suggest is like throwing thatmoving car into reverse. sure it will be spectacular the way you stop, but you won't get going either and that in an of itself is spectacular.

The thing is, as you can see here and throghout any forum, you can't please everyone. There will always be at least one person that thinks the idea stinks. You try to get out as much as you can to as many as you can. if that means a few potatoes fall out of the truck on the way, so be it. they will get picked up by the cull crew.

by the way, I like the stuff you did with the halfling chef.. it's fresh and not so overpowering. Remember he's a chef and not really a sorceror and that should be completely reflected..


I’m not thinking that because I like it it’ll sell. Halflings are a niche and I know it. But I would go with what I hear in the stores too. Chaos Dwarfs would sell, and if allowed to keep using greenskins O&G players would likely build Chaos Dwarf armies. Dogs of War would be a book for people to use Empire and Dwarfs in other ways. Regiments of Renown would have a unit or two for each race but limit which armies can use which units.

Players seem to dislike the power surge in the armies, so balance should be brought back into the game. OK he Daemon players might hate it for a while, but I’m going to up everybody to catch up to the upper power levels. Finding a midpoint would be the idea. Maybe getting people playtesting the armies be both players of that army, but players of other armies using it. I feel that you will get an honest idea of the army then. Think out armies before doing special lists for campaigns making sure that most people won’t abuse them, I know there will be people who will go nuts and build killer lists but limiting it as much as possible would be nice. Making it that there will be several competitive lists for each army is a must.