[Archive] a nice steampunk wolfkhan alternative


hi there!

I’ve just stumbled upon this:


Dunno about you, but I think that this gobbocopter is an amaizing way to represent a Hobgoblin Khan on a Wolf the steampunk way!!

it just need a nice scenic base and then it’s ready to harass the enemies of its sorcerer-prophet!!

it is also part of the Goblinaid initiative, various wondrous models to raise money for Kev Adams, the goblinmaster that got assaulted earlier this month.

Fuggit Khan:

That is a very cool model…looks fun to paint…it would also make a cool night goblin doom diver I think (and supporting a worthy cause as well). I think I’ll be getting one, thanks for sharing this :hat off


took a while thinking about that one, steampunk is not my thing, and F’ Khan beat me to the doomie idea


@fuggit: good to hear that and can’t wait to see your interpretation of it!

I hope it doesn’t go sold out in the next two months, 'cos I need to wait till early October for my next miniatures “dose” (wich probably include this, RussianAlternative Fire Pass Dwarfs and hopefully Paniagua Thunder Warriors!)