[Archive] A question about the Scibor Taurus


I’m talking about the one here:


Does anybody own this?  I ask as i’m wondering how big the base is that it is on.  50mm x 50mm?

I’m trying to figure out if I could substitute a pair of GW Dragon wings for the feathery wings it comes with.

Da Crusha:

it still isnt available. I think everybody that buys it will be doing a dragon wing conversions, I know I sure will.


Honestly, I’m thinking plastic Fellbeast/Balrog wings.

Which ever is the one available.


Just e-mail him, I’m sure he’ll respond. Eventually…


I Have use the Ultarforge Wings, are on same scale that GW Dragon wings, click on my army blog for check my taurus


here is a link of a Chilean web that sales these wings, but may help you as reference

Da Crusha:

I own a pair of balrog wings that I planned on putting on my great Taurus but I never got around to it.