[Archive] A Redneck's Nurgle warriors/daemon army


Hello, you can probably tell I’m new here. Even though i dont really have a chaos dwarf army yet I wanted to contribute and show off somethings so here I will show my continuously growing Nurgle army for I am a true believer in the old ways of Warhammer Fantasy. So onto the army

Here is the overlay of the progress so far(8/6/15):

30 Marauders with flails with plaguebearers as fillers:

On top is 28 plaguebearers (5 of which are old metal ones and unpainted)

On Bottom is another 30 marauders with shields and plaguebearers as filler:

20 chosen/chaos warriors with 2 handweapons with again plaguebearers as fillers:

The Characters from go left to right Vardek Crom, Nurgle Lord with two handed weapon, BSB on barded steed, Harry The Hammer, Nurgle wizard, and what you can barely make out is another BSB

And finally, for now, is the greatest scratch build model i have ever made… my Nurgle Warshrine:

The squig’s name is Nut Gobbla

Any feedback include suggestion, criticism, complements, random weird conspires about the government or anyone, or even videos of people drooling over my average painting skills are welcome, if not, needed. Hope you guys enjoy 

(note some if not all of this may change style do to the fact i discovered GW technical paint and found my basing materials after being lost for some time)

Update 8/10/15

this afternoon after I came back from a gunshow I was welcomed with  package that had 5 OOP nurgle style painted chaos knights.

Here they are with a few models i have been painting of the past couple of days:

The knights:

Some completed chaos warriors :

Here is a test base that I thought would go good with the army. Tell me what you guys think:


Welcome to the forum!

That warshrine looks really nice! The shields and the goo on top really work. Since you have that giant’s head, I’m assuming you have a box of AoW Slayers waiting to be converted to chaos dwarfs?


Thank you. Actually i raided my brother bitz. He plays empire, wood elfs and a slayer army. But that is something I wanted to try to sub for hob goblins.


Welcome too.

As to painting, practice makes perfect at least it makes “better” in the case of us mere mortals.

And that “Goo” does work really well. I especially like it dribbling from the squig-like thing.


I likeable and loveable force. So sweet with the little playing nurglings.

Your scratch build warshrine is very good. Looks nurgly unlike the original GW model.

What are you gonna do for bases? That would lift the army to a whole other level!


Update: 8/10/15

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I’m not sure about that base, whilst looking ‘natural’ isn’t required for WoC, I think personally it looks better done that way.

It doesn’t look like the snow is sitting naturally. I think it’d be better doing some sand (leaving gap in middle for goo). Paint that. Then put down snow leaving edge of sand showing, then put goo also leaving sand showing.

Tyranoth The Ashen:

I love this army. But where is Tamurkhan?


I love this army. But where is Tamurkhan?

Tyranoth The Ashen
Out of my price range thats where, but if I had the money I would include him and some plague toads, maybe some drones too