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Hello everyone

sadly I have no room for my VAST amount of Warhammer stuff anymore, alas with teh trials of adulthood it is time to make some money and survive.

So these are the pics of just the fantasy stufff, Ive gotten more since then as well


Also have a mountain of 40k, almost as much as I do fantasy.

I would like to see it ALL go to a good home.

so if anyone is interested let me know what you will offer for easily 50k points of fantasy and easily that many in 40k let me know.

Blue in VT:

:frowning: I’m sorry to hear that you need tompart with such an enmorous amount of you hobby material…a truly impressive collection. What are you hoping to get for such a horde?




Holy crap… That’s nuts!!

Any possibility of breaking it down into smaller pieces?


I think I just cried a little. Seriously, I’d love to buy all of them, but only have the money for a few. What sort of figure were you looking for?

I’d really love some of the D-Ogres, Shaggoths and Hellcannons but you’d make a mint eBaying them. Either way, if you’d consider selling some to me let me know.



Sad day indeed mate! Same goes for me though, if you’re interested in selling it off separately I’d be up for a hellcannon & a giant . Pm me


yeah me too, I could use lots of that for my beastmen and Woc armies, especially a shaggoth.


I am concerned for some warriors of chaos, can I only buy a few pieces?


my goal is somewhere between 2000-5000 us dollars. Debating on wheather or not to sell peices. Really need to get rid of it all straight away.


Thats a lot of stuff !!!

You could easily set up your own store on ebay , which probably would be your best bet to get the money you want to make.

A small bit of advice if you do sell it on ebay , use only paypal for your transactions , and of course dont ship it until after payment has been confirmed.

Also you will get more for your models if you sell them in singles or small groups of 2 and 3 models , larger sets of models require larger amounts of money to buy which can reduce the number of bidders for your auctions.



Just a warning I think there is a paypal limit per month if you have the wrong time of account.

Not sure if its a problem, but I recall hitting a limit at around £500/month once when having a huge clearout.


You’d definitely be better off selling it in bits, as it’s gonna be very hard to find someone wanting to buy all that for the price you want, and you’d probably get more money in the end

I mean if you ask most people here, basically no one will be willing to spend that much money in one go on 50K of either 40K or Fantasy, but most people here would probably want to buy some bits from your massive force

One thing that may help is if you’d sit down and make a more clear list of what your selling, as well as a few more pictures including pics of the 40K stuff