[Archive] A Sad Goodbye


sniff I just watched the last episode of Stargate SG1… I must admit a tiny tear came to my eye. That show has been a part of my life for so long that it is indeed (we love Teal’c) a very sad goodbye. Anyway I know this might seem wierd but I figured some of you other guys out there might be Stargate fans as well so I thought Id post my thoughts on this :slight_smile: Hi’ato Chappa’ai SG1!!

- Tallhat


I rather like SG1, although I must admit I haven’t enjoyed it as much since Richard Dean Anderson left.

The episodes we’re up to here are where they try to find Merlin’s big uber weapon that kills ancients. How much left is there after that?


I lost track of it when they stopped showing it on Channel 4 (which i think was series 8). I’ve seen the odd episode after that but I have no idea what it is about. Something about another omnipresent threat to the galaxy which makes every episode part of a continuing story, so anyone who misses it can’t work out what is going on. They ruin so many sci fi shows with that set up now, at least the makers of Eureka haven’t fallen into that trap.

Pyro Stick:

I only really liked the film. I could never get into the tv series. I used to watch the first series but missed a few and then stopped trying to watch them completely.


Yeah, the last episode was kinda sentimental but still nice. However, after watching episode 10.17 or close (Teal’c’s episode) I was happy that the series ended. I really hated Teal’c-centric episode and I have no idea why they put it (apart from contract with the actor etc). The story was dumb and it could be included in the second season, but not the final season for Hashut’s sake!

I liked the series as a whole, although seasons 9 and 10 weren’t the best. Without MacGuyver it just wasn’t the same (although episode 200 was hilarious).

Still, there will be a couple of direct to dvd movies with SG-1, if you haven’t heard. It’s fine, but the Ori plot line will be resolved in one movie. Given the fact that an average movie is 2 hours long - why couldn’t they finish it in the 10th season? They could easily drop the stupid Teal’c episode, the one with the cosmic race or something and one or two more - with that they could easily fit the ending in the 10th season (of course the sales would be smaller). I’m really disappointed by that move. No wonder R. D. Anderson left the show.


Im looking so much forward to the 2 movies. R.A Anderson is returning as O’Niell in the second movie so that is gonna be great :smiley:

I actually found the Teal’c Episode quite refreshing I must say. I liked it when they made those single episode story lines.

- Tallhat


Really? Wow, impressive. :hat off

A story about an age old enemy of Teal’c, who killed this and that. A story about Teal’c going solo on a hunt for one guy. A story of epic battle between two age old foes (and one of them is seen for the first, and last, time). A story of would be betrayal and forgiveness between the SG-1 members. And of course (this is the best part) a story of mortally wounded Teal’c who understands that if he will die, his friends will die too - so he gathers his strength and killing-blows the bad guy.

Sorry, I just don’t buy it, not after 10 years of watching SG-1. If it was (and indeed it was {pun intended}) in the second or third season - no problem. Good for character development. But in one of the last episodes? No, sorry. They could do a single-member-centric episodes but with more believable plot line. For instance, one that ties some of the loose ends of characters history. Not one that introduces a worthless character and kills him in the same episode. Also I’m pretty sure that this kind of plot-line was already used. Teal’c, his old enemy, hunting, almost dying, killing the bad guy, happy (n)ever after.

I agree on the O’Neill part. I’m looking forward to this movie.


But it wasnt really all worthless since all those Jaffa who followed Arkad are still on the loose and are still posing a threat. Plus on the character development thing, that wasnt in vain either since all the movies will follow the storyline of SG1. So what they experienced aboard teh ship will without doubt play a role in the movies. I expect us to see Vala and Daniel get togetehr in this timeline as well. At least I hope :slight_smile: (Claudia Black is really cute as Vala)

- Tallhat


yeah I love stargate. I got season 1 to 9 off ebay in a boxed set and have watched season 10.

Cant wait for the two new episode/films to come out.

One of the funniest episodes must be window of opportunity, when they get stuck in the time loop.

The ori were a nice addition to the list of bad guys as the replicators were owned, and so were the Goauld pretty much.

And as bad guys go Baal was pretty cool.


Ba’al was awesome. I still find that the Goa’uld as a whole were so much cooler an enemy than the Ori even though as you said the Ori were a nice addition.

- Tallhat


I stopped watching a looong time ago, ever since I stopped being home on time to watch the double episodes on Sky. for that reason I have no idea what happened more or less since Atlantis came out. A friend of mine has ALL the DVDs, I may ave to start borrowing them


You should :wink: It really is great. Wasnt all the DVDs released in one box at a time? Anyone know this?

- Tallhat