[Archive] A sample of my CD's


Here a few shots of some of my chaos dwarves… More to come…

The army itself is about 4.5K points…


Some of you might recognise the blunderbusses from the general’s compendium…


Kera foehunter:

Nice old school army love them bulls. great paint job and colors

Hashut’s Blessing:

Looking sweet. Can you get an army-wide shot and shots of units as well, please? Did you say that your blunderbussers are in the General’s Compendium?


The army itself is currently in storage but I am looking to get them out soon. As for the G.C. Yup they are the blunderbusses seen in one of the photos (some are anyway)…

I’ll try and get more up later…



I like the paint, i am not a fan of big hats though :frowning: but it still looks great . i like beards :slight_smile:


Looks a lot like 4:th edition Chaos Dwarfs w. those colours, looking forward to see more pics of your army!


nice looking old school CD’s

Hashut’s Blessing:

Brilliant and well done for getting them published! snyggejygge, they ARE fourth edition, he he he. Also, they were painted in fourth/fifth edition if they’re in the GC.


Talk about red period, they are great! Very nostalgic.