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Hi there!

a little premise: I’m not entirely sure this is the right section of the forum to post this, maybe one of the hobby-related sections are more indicated, but again, this is not my army blog, not my conversion project or else.

So, I’ll post here in news, since it’s what I’m doing right now: I’m just passing news about it…

that said, I’m here on the behalf of Fabio, the sculptor and genius mind behind “Drakkol’s Workshop”, a little italian sculpting studio.


Drakkol’s Workshop has done some really woundrous works before, and now is trying to take on a new challenge, and here comes our business, Dark Brothers!

Drakkol has quite a big number of those horrible BFSP dwarfs and is toying with an idea worth of a collector: sculpting on them, to build heroes and units of our glorious kind, and sell a wide variety of sculpts!

these are some of his latest works, on the subject:

all he needs is one or more collectors to fuel this project , with a lust for completely unique sculpts (since such conversions are an astonishing overhaul of the original desings) !

drop him an MP on Facebook if you’re interested!!


Those are very nice!!


Very good work! Can’t help but be veeeeery strongly reminded of Snotling’s mods to the same models though. Especially the puppet with flaming finger and the dwarf with goggles a big scarf and flaming bowl.


yeah, in his album he mentioned Snotling’s works as his inspiration for those particular commissions!


It’s some nice BfsP conversions indeed. But I think “inspired by” is a bit weak, as it looks like complete copies. Which is also fine enough, since credit goes to Snotling.

Would like to see some credit on the daemonsmith too though.


those were commissions from a painter, and if I understand, he wanted them “Snotling style”, but Snotling is credited in every wip pic!

also, I had word that he is starting some new sculpt on the next week and he is looking for some ideas both for what units bring to life and how “characterize” those evil stumpies!

I’ll suggest something both from the Tamaurkan list and something “flavoured” around the entries in the Indy GT book…


ok, a little update since the forge has started showing its result!

here’s a quite over the top Dark Castellan with a massive helm and bad attitude:


The head/helmet is way to big imho. Its a cool idea, but he should find a cows head more suited for his body. The greenstuff job is great though!!


Agree with Yodrin - it’s a nice looking mini but is spoiled by the oversized head.


yeah, the head is oversized for a valid Background reason (the sorcerer-Prophet made an example out of him)… let’s just say that it will count as the Army Standard without banners!!


The green stuff work is superb, nicely done.

The bullhead bit is nice, but should have been used for something else. It really looks too silly, in my eyes. But if the owner likes it, and made it for fluff reasons, then it’s perfect.

The use of the space wolf bit for the hammer is a good idead. But it’s hard to see properly from this angle. I’m gonna use them for blunderbusses.


Do not quite understand why the sculptor to do the heavy conversion for sale? Easier to do everything from scratch and do not get into conflict with the rights of GW.


It’s commission work, right? Then it’s legally fine to spice up GW miniatures and sell.


The sculptor seems to have talent, so I agree that he should try doing some things from scratch.


Hi guys!!

I’m just posting here again 'cos the conversion is done (to be honest it was ready already a week ago at least, but I got to post about it only now!) and I want to show ya the result of this work:


as you can see, some details were added, mostly the hoof-like plates on boots, and some grated visor holes on the mask!

again, this are works just to get rid of all the stocked BDSP dwarfs he has and to improve his already good sculpting hand on detailing work (he already has a better grasp of what a chainmail/scalemail should be than a certain spanish sculptor…)

if ya find yourselves curious, feel free to ask directly to Drakkol on FB, as you’ll find in his galleries there are both conversion like this and  models done from scratch like this:



Hi Merovingian!

Really nice "kiss my ass" Dwarf.  ^^

Yea, or maybe he is letting go of some gas...:sick