[Archive] A second edition campaign


I get to Wargame infrequently and my gaming group is not really wargamers so I’ve been kicking around ideas of a 2nd edition WFRP game.

The thing that has always struck me as odd is the fact that there are no other gaming worlds like there are for D&D. I should add when I DM, I pretty much never use the company generated worlds and use my own.

So with that thought my idea has been coalescing on a world much akin to Michael Reaves “The Shattered World” as told in the books: Shattered World and it’s sequel “The Burning Realm”. They are both short reads and about average in terms of writing but good idea starters.

It has a race of lizard like demons as the main antagonists do the four chaos gods could fit nicely into the cosmology is so desired. The idea of Atheyr is present and would fit with the idea of the realm of chaos.

Just random thoughts that a world is so tightly to the rules of WFRP.