[Archive] A shield idea


Hardly worth a thread really, but what I have been doing for the warrior unit I’ve started is to use the standard 7th ed Dwarf ones but file them a bit.��I’ll only use the ones with rivets on, and then file them so that the shield has eight flat sides (octagonal).��

If you do this so the ‘points’ left are where the rivets are its quite easy and gives a very simple industrial look. Scrape the icon off the front and add a CD symbol and hey presto!

Once I’ve assembled 5 or so warriors I’ll put some pictures up. I’m using the new miners box.


You can call me thick if you want to, but i’m having trouble visuallising it.��Any chance you could post some pictures?

Incidentally, for shields on my CD I use ogre gut plates and the skull shield from this dude:



Ogre gut plates are a good idea actually. I’ll put some pictures up next weekend.


Sounds sweet, I look forward to the results!