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So seeing as the New book is coming out relativly soon, and I would think (and if im wrong I would be highly suprised) that not all of the CD modles have yet to be released. Is this list going to include all the stats for all the yet to be released miniatures? Like is that bunderbluss train car still in the works? and all the other stuff as well? Or are they going to have most of the list in this book and make us wait for the rest of it in another book?

Just thought this might be an important point to bring up…

Any thoughts or actually knowledge on this topic would be greatly appriciated…


They did mention about doing it in an old fashioned style with no actual pictures of models so they could give rules to models they haven’t made yet


From an email from forgeworld: The book also contains The Legion of Azgorh, a fully playable Chaos Dwarf Army list, as well as rules for playing massive battles with forces drawn from all the different Chaos Army books.

So, a full army list. I also remember them saying there aren’t pictures of actual models.

Thommy H:

I also remember them saying there aren't pictures of actual models.
Boo! Is that normal for FW books? Why would someone who sells toys not put pictures of the toys in their books for playing with the toys? I WANT PICTURES OF TOYS :mad


By pictures, do you mean pictures of the actual models themselves (in which case I imagine you may be disappointed) or do you mean artists impressions?

You may well get artwork depicting the creatures/characters/constructs in question but I wouldn’t expect to see the models if I were you.

… I do love pictures of toys mind…


I think a lot of the minis like the K’Daai don’t exist yet… You would expect shots of the Iron Daemon and stuff though, but come to think of it, I’ve only seen one WF painted model from the CD range and that’s the Dreadquake - the rest are always unpainted. :frowning: Lame. There are plenty of freelancers out there who would do it for affordable prices too.

Hashut’s Blessing:

They did mention about doing it in an old fashioned style with no actual pictures of models so they could give rules to models they haven't made yet

Looking at the Imperial armour books, they do have pictures (both models and drawings), so not sure what ya mean by this? Also, why would they make a £45 colour hardback with no images of the models that they've been selling for a while now, possibly a few that will get released soon after, the ones that recently came about (Bale Taurus, for example) and drwings of things too?

Regarding the "massive armies that can have all Chaos in" - I want this book even more now. I miss Hordes/Beasts of Chaos :P


I meant they said they’d do it in the style of an old Empire or other fantasy race book, literally as if it’s a book written by an imperial scholaar

And they were supposedly only doing sketches rather than actual pictures of the models themselves, probably so they can make rules for stuff like the Bull Centaurs or whatever which won;t be out for a while without having even started the models

Thommy H:

literally as if it's a book written by an imperial scholaar
Hm. Not a huge fan of that sort of gimmickry.


Hm. Not a huge fan of that sort of gimmickry.

Thommy H
I think really it'll depend how it's done. Not having an omniscient narrator automatically makes it more difficult to give you an overview of whatever's being described, but can also add a bit of character. I quite liked how the old dwarf book's bestiary was written from the viewpoint of an elderly dwarf in a tavern for example ;)

Still, it's a tricky technique to get right, so I'll reserve judgement till I see it.

Thommy H:

but can also add a bit of character
Yeah, if it's done well. I don't hold out a lot of hope that it will be - the fluff section in the 6th Edition rulebook was done like that and it was just cringeworthy. Although, weirdly, it worked pretty well in 3rd Edition 40K. I guess that's just because 40K is a more unique setting with a very distinct "voice" of its own, and it's pretty easy to nail in-universe stuff because of that. Going first-person in Warhammer is asking someone to get into the mindset of someone from a medieval society though and, contrary to popular belief, that requires a bit more effort than substituting "ye" for "the". Also, while Warhammer is an excellent setting for fighting battles in, it's often pretty abysmal for real stories about anything but mindless slaughter.


From memory of the Forge World books i’ve looked at (which don’t interest me all that much as I don’t play 40k) I seem to recall that a lot of the artists pictures were almost photographic quality. Like they’d had the figure in front of them and were painting a portrait of it.

Not having actual photos of the figures may not be a huge issue, unless some people wanted them as painting guides.

Thommy H:

I just like looking at the toys. If I’m just skimming idly through a Codex or Armies book, that’s usually the first thing I look at. It seems bizarre that Forge World - whose whole schtick is making even better, more detailed models - wouldn’t have as many pictures as possible of them!

Hashut’s Blessing:

I feel like the style of all from a character’s point of view is reserved for the background only books (like Liber Chaotica) nowadays. You said yourself that it was the old books - likely no pictures because of printing and being in black and white. Considering today’s standards and current precedents, I think there will be some pictures of models - it’s not like they don’t have enough of them: carmine dragon, bale taurus, verminlord, brood horror, Tamurkhan (plus toad dragon), plague toads, Marienburg landship, iron daemon, magma cannon, dreadquake mortar, infernal guard, handgunners (the upgraded ones) and several more…

Ugly Green Trog:

Im reading through it at the moment and its just a historical account of Tamurkan and his incursion in the time of Magnus the Pious. The rest of the book is written like a normal book with bestiarioes and campaign rules + a couple of army lists. There are NO photos just paintings which are gorgeous the whole book is aesthetically very good, can’t really comment on the rules side of things at this stage though.


So just to clairfy there are no warmachines that are not mounted on train cars and there is no more train cars mentioned in the list like the rumored Blunderbluss Tower Car…?