[Archive] A thank you to the entire site


Normally I’m not one for recognition, I’m of the mindset of head down and chug along.

However after looking over some old threads of the last 2 1/2 years (almost) I just wanted to say thanks to the entire community. You guys make this place great, even those I have butted heads with!

In short take a bow for the entire site and it’s togetherness factor. For my own part I’m going to try and recommit myself even more to the site. Sorry fans of my poor neglected painting blog… All my armies are packed up in anticipation of a move. :frowning:

I also want to take this point to commend everyone who submitted material to the latest Word of Hashut and know that if something is missing it got overlooked, not part of some sinister Sith plot :wink:

In closing I justed wanted to say thanks you, the entire community. It’s something we don’t do enough of.

Thommy H:

You’re welcome.

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We have had our good and bad moments here, but of all the forums I’ve been on this is probably still the most welcoming after all these years.

Some of the really big forums can be too busy to get to know people well, and some forums quickly take everything down to childish/petty/off topic/snide comments, or start calling army books ‘codexes’.  Some are just plain draconian.

We seem to have the best of most things; small enough to get to know people, but large enough to pretty much be guaranteed decent feedback on a wide variety of topics.  Also having active staff keen to run events is a huge bonus.

That, and we have Willmark to lead the WoH team!  What more could we ask for. :slight_smile:


I should note there are a few articles that got bumped to #9 as well.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

you’re welcome. Hopefully I haven’t bumped heads with you too much, or at least not too hard! :smiley:

Hashut’s Blessing:

Thank you very much to all of you. Thank you to those that have listened when heads have been butted, thank you to those that haven’t got to that point, thank you to those that make the modjob easier, thank you to those that post often and well, thank you to those that participate, thank you to those that lurk and thank you to you all! Without you all, this place wouldn’t be the blast it is to run!

I’ve been here since the beginning (something like 4th member) and the website has merely grown every step of the way, not just in size, but in community aspects and joyfulness to attend. Well done and thank you.


you're welcome. Hopefully I haven't bumped heads with you too much, or at least not too hard! :D

Tarrakk Blackhand
Nope you have nothing to worry about Dude. ;)


Indeed thanks to the community and especially to the staff for making CDO such a great place to be. Now lets just hope that the community won’t be destroyed when we get a book (fingers crossed).


Thanks for the kind words Willmark, they are very true. We do have something good going here!

@Tarrak… um… WE SHALL SMASH HEADS! butts heads with Tarrak Why? Um… your goatee? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes dont feed the troll ! They are slaves after all ! Glad to know that this comunity is growing nicely and becoming a very happy place all be it slaves and the likes. Its good to see that may people are all working together as a whole dependant on what we do WoH. This with the likes we can showcase our skills imagination and add extra spice to the site and working as a whole we can and will supprise a few people. Well done all.


Here, here. I agree, phenomenal forum and site and we have everyone to thank - from administration, through the core artwork, story, model, rules, etc. contributions, down to the individual members of the community.  This is my favourite forum, I only wish I had discovered it sooner.

Although I haven’t contributed in a while due to work and family reasons the calibre work on display and enthusiasm keep me checking in regularly… and rest assured, seeing everyone else’s fantastic works on display keeps my own creative fires going, and I will be posting more works in the future.

Thanks again everyone, and thanks Willmark for getting the ball rolling.



Actually bigger thanks are for Xander, without whom none of this would be possible.

Furrie- we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. :wink:

Ancient History:

Thanks to everybody!