[Archive] A useful tool

Thommy H:

As requested in my Hobgoblin thread, here’s some templates for anyone who wants to make 8th Edition style army lists using Word. Which I don’t recommend because it’s a goddamn nightmare, but this should at least make you not want to smash your monitor in with a hammer.

You may not have the same fonts as me, by the way. The one I use for the unit headers (amongst other things) is Caslon Antique which is very similar to GW’s “Warhammer font”.

Have fun!


Awesome thanks for that, very nice tool for at least trying out ideas with.


Thanks for the template. It looks very useful. I also like the font you used (downloaded it too). Again thanks for sharing your hard work.


Cool.  That’s extremely useful.  Thanks, Thommy.

edit As I thought it might be, your resource has been very useful in writing-up my army book. Thanks, again.